NodeJS Express Full Stack Bootcamp 2023 w/ testing, swagger

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94 videos and almost 24 hours of content to master the NodeJS BootcampLearn to create a complete frontend and backend, (Full Stack), Bookstore projects using NodeJS, ExpressJs and the Node Design Pattern (Server/Listener/Router). We will modularize our application so we can reuse, extend and easily test our modules. We will use bcrypt to encrypt passwords and use JSON Web Token for authorizing users to see certain pages on our site. Use CRUD operations on MongoDB to persist books and authors. You will be introduced to Mongoose. A MongoDB client wrapper that add schema functionality, validation, and normalization to our non normalized database. Take advantage of Jenkins for CI/CD tool to run our test and let us continually integrate our application and test seamlessly and with full confidence our codebase is solid and well tested. We will use Swagger to create our documentation for our backend. Swagger tools takes the hard work out of generating and maintaining your API docs, ensuring your documentation stays up-to-date as your API evolves. Test the frontend and backend using the Jest Testing framework that has a focus on simplicity. We will use Postman to create our integration tests for the backend. Postman assist in setting up automated API tests to test the different endpoints in your API will help catch bugs as quickly as possible. Automated Selenium test for the frontend. Selenium has fast and easy onboarding. Works across all applications in the tech stack and finds bugs quickly with visual debugging. Beginner experience, JavaScript experience preferred since we will be using ES6 syntax. Calling all excited developers who are tired of creating Monolith applications or just frontend applications from some YouTuber who has no clue how to code correctly, then this course is for you.




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