Node-Red for IoT

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Internet of things is a very important technology for the Industry 4.0 where we are considering data as gold,  We need to capture this data from our environment and process it on the cloud to make IoT Applications for the end user to make their life comfortable and secure. Now If you're new to IoT and want to learn from Scratch I'll recommend you to check my another course -Fundamentals of IoT. This Course is based on Node-red and it also includes a lot of other online cloud services IFTTT and Adafruit that helps in making our IoT network more scalable. This is the continuation of the previous course - Fundamentals of IoT and in this one we also be working on IBM Bluemix cloud server to make IoT applications on Node-red. We will be working on Nodemcu to control the appliances and it is the main micro-controller for this course. This course includes some other services like google assistant, amazon alexa and Siri. The major focus of this course is to integrate different services with a single device and to make the device scalable and to control it via different platform according to the user demand.




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