Motion Detector Interfacing with PIC Microcontroller

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Welcome to this course.

Who didn't face a situation during which You came upon a door and it opens by itself once it detects your presence, or installed a security system and wondered how it functions and the way it detects a thief.

We all know that there's something called Motion detectors, but only a few know the science behind it, so today during this course i'll teach you the very basics of Motion Detectors and the way to interface them with a Microcontroller and Program the system to fireside alarm, turn light or maybe display (A Thief is Detected), sky is your limit once you recognize how it works and the way to interface it.

Why you should take this course?

  • Get your home or workplace protected with this detailed course
  • You will be able to detect motion and protect your home, work, or any area using this PIC Microcontroller
  • Useful for anyone who wants to get started with microcontrollers
  • Learn how to program in C language on windows PC
  • Learn how to assemble projects using the microcontroller
  • Step-by-step instructions that you can follow video tutorials.

Do you want to Interface Motion Detector with PIC Microcontroller and have full control of how your system functions?

  • We are announcing our brand-new course Motion Detector Interfacing with PIC Microcontroller 
  • HD Content that will take you in an informative journey to not only master the coding of Motion Detector but also the details of how motion detector work and the method we use, how it works, it's a wiring diagram, and how your code can handle the motion once it's detected.

If you take this course now, you can count on getting these results in a matter of a few hours!  

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with a curiosity for making electronics
  • Anyone interested in Interfacing Motion Detector with PIC Microcontroller
  • Engineering students
  • Technology hobbyists
  • Computer programmers
  • Microcontroller Geeks

What Will I Get ?

  • know how Motion Detectors function and learn about it’s internal structure
  • Write code for Motion Detector
  • Embed code in the design
  • Display A Message on LCD Display once a motion is detected
  • Fire alarm and light bulb once a motion is detected
  • Program PIC Microcontroller like a champ
  • Understand the principles of programming motion detectors
  • Connect your PIC Microcontroller to Motion Detector and control it.
  • Understand basic principles in electronics design.
  • Interface Motion Detector with PIC Microcontroller and have full control of how your system functions
  • Get familiar with Motion Detectors.
  • Get Familiar with Coding and Interfacing Motion Detectors.
  • Get Familiar with New Programming Techniques that will help you get the most out of Your System
  • Interface and Connect Motion Detector to PIC.
  • Send Output Signal to alarm, buzzer, and LCD once the Motion is Detected.
  • Write a C program to Interface Motion Detector with PIC Microcontroller.
  • Understand the Working Principle behind the Method Used in this Course


  • Download and Install Proteus Professional
  • Download and Install MikroC Pro!
  • Download The course Material in PDF and Print them if possible
  • Students must have the knowledge of basic electronics
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