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Starting at the beginning, this SEO course covers everything you need to know to get your pages ranked without resorting to SEO loopholes and tactics that will get your site penalised. The course covers all aspects of SEO, including the most important - how to get high quality backlinks that won't hurt your rankings.  In fact, since the best backlinks you can build are natural, Google will probably approve of them.  I'll show you how to do this as part of your SEO strategy. Student Reviews for this SEO CourseThe lessons in this course go way beyond pure information. Andrew (the instructor) knows his stuff inside out, and more significantly, he knows how to pass his knowledge clearly so that I can take action on it right away. Thanks Andy, I've done the whole course and it is brilliant. It covers the full range of SEO components in a clear, practical and friendly way. I'm quite 'picky' but have no hesitation in recommending it without reservation at all levels from beginner upwards. (I'm probably around the intermediate level). It debunks many common myths and the advice is always actionable. Andy is one of the most thorough teachers I've seen on this subject and his knowledge of SEO is brilliant. I like his step by step teaching style and clearly produced videos. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn SEOThis course is loaded with important information and I know I'll be referring back to it as I improve my website. It's a great course. Very personable and easy to listen to. He has a tonne of helpful suggestions and is content rich. Anyone who is interested in this type of course don't hesitate to pick up this course. It is the best value for your money that you can find! Very happy with my purchase! I love this course! Andrew is not shy about helping people do the right thing by working in alignment with Google to learn SEO (white hat) fundamentals. The course was thorough and highly informative. Four hours of practical and densely practical instruction that will benefit any business person or webmaster stay up to date with smart SEO advances and practical skills. I sincerely recommend this course! Easy to understand - both well-structured, and great diction! Very methodical and analytical, which is what you want in a good SEO program. I love Andy's information. It is very thorough and what he teaches just makes sense. If you're looking for a common sense and safe way to SEO your website then I totally recommend following Andy's advice. I have studied SEO and Google for several years now and I think Andrew has covered many topics of importance in a short and concise way for beginners and professionals to learn SEO in depthThis SEO Course is different because?No SEO tricksNo SEO gimmicksNo SEO LoopholesNo worry about Google slapping a penalty on your site for dodgy SEO practices. If you want to learn modern SEO and how to make a website rank in Google, safely, effectively and without resorting to gimmicks, tricks and loopholes, then this is the course for you.  With over 15 years of front-line experience in SEO, this instructor has plenty of applied experience and is well known for his high ethics when it comes to ranking in Google.  The course starts off with an introduction to SEO, highlighting the main differences between SEO today, and SEO just a few short years ago.  You'll learn all about the major Google updates, and why they were introduced.  As you learn about the updates, you'll begin to understand exactly what Google want to achieve, and the types of content they want to rank at the top of the search engine.  The course goes on to introduce you to the FOUR main pillars of modern SEO.  1. Quality ContentYou'll learn about two types of keyword research and how to do both correctly.  This will provide the best possible SEO platform for your web content.  I'll show you how to use that keyword research to help you rank for multiple keywords without actually optimizing for any one keyword (though I'll show you how to do that too). You'll learn how to find the type of content that your visitors want to see and how to create it without compromising your SEO efforts. You'll learn about all of the important on-page SEO factors that will influence your rankings and how to correctly optimize your web pages for those factors. You'll also learn all about structured data and how it can help your SEO.  Structured data is a special type of content you can embed in your pages that only the search engines see.  Using this structured data, Google can create rich snippets in the search results making your pages stand out more and get higher click-through rates.2. Site OrganisationYou'll learn all about site structure and what is expected by the search engines.  We'll cover page hierarchy and how silos can help organise your content in a more logical way for your visitors and the search engines. You'll learn about site organisation - why it is important for good SEO, and how to achieve a good site structure that benefits your SEO efforts and helps your visitors3. Site AuthoritySite authority keeps getting more important in modern SEO.  Backlinks are the main way to build your authority, but also the quickest way to destroy it. You'll learn about the best types of backlinks to pursue, and how to go about getting them.  With backlinks causing so many problems for so many webmasters, you'll also learn about the types of backlinks that Google are on the lookout for, and why they punish sites that employ them.  A lot of SEO sites offering tips on how to rank will get this terribly wrong.  So wrong in fact, that by following their SEO advice,  you are likely to see your site penalised or even banned from the top search engines. We'll throw the idea of anchor text backlinks out of the window and discuss the best anchor texts for backlinks.  We'll also cover the holy grail of backlinks and how to get them.  These are links from high quality, related sites. We'll talk about broken link building as a good way to get rank-boosting backlinks, and guest posting as a way to build traffic generating backlinks.4. Visitor ExperienceYou will learn why it is important to give your visitors a good experience on your site, and build their trust.  I'll show you ways of building that trust. The second half of this SEO course answers the question many webmasters ask when they find their rankings have started to drop, or gone completely.. What's happened and what do I do now?.  The complete SEO audit covers a complete set of both subjective and technical checks to make sure your site is not triggering red flags at Google. Start the SEO 2019 course and begin to take control of your website traffic, visitors and profits.




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