MikroTik DoH against DNS spoofing attacks

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***All Hacking techniques (Arp Spoof & DNS Spoof) that are shown in this course are for educational purpose. Please use them with caution and ONLY in the LABs of this course***Since MikroTik RouterOS version 6.47, there is a possibility to configure DNS over Https on MikroTik routers. This feature was not enabled before RouterOS v6.47For this reason, I am designing this course to show you how you can benefit from this feature specially against the DNS spoofing attacks that may happen against your PC. To be able to show you the importance of this feature, I am going to show you how the DNS spoof happens, which means that we will do the same techniques that a hacker use to run his DNS spoofing attacks. In other word, we are going to attack on PC from a Kali Linux machine and I am going to show you all steps that a hacker use to accomplish this mission. Once done, I will show you how to configure DoH on MikroTik router to overcome the DNS spoofing attack. This course will be a mix of some hacking techniques to run the DNS spoofing using Kali linux machine and the solution that MikroTik providing us to use the DoH to overcome this problem, that means you will learn and be able to run a DNS spoofing attack against your PC and to use the MikroTik DoH feature to solve this problem. For this course you require to have 1 PC and 1 MikroTik router. Also you require to have internet connectivity and 1 UTP cable. If you want to learn the technique that hackers use to run a DNS spoofing attack and how to overcome this attack by using the DoH feature provided by MikroTik since version 6.47, then I advise you to register in this course and I will explain for you all details about those topics.




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