Microsoft Azure: Storage and Database

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Storage services are the fundamental services of cloud platform. Azure storage is one of the popular storage services offered by Microsoft Azure. There are several advantages of using Azure Storage like easily scalable, highly available, massively durable, and many more. Database services are compliance ready services, designed in such a way to support scaling, performance, and availability demands of modern globally distributed applications with micro services architectures. That's why Azure DB services able to provide better performance of the popular alternatives, while scaling to support more than 20 million requests per second, and storing petabytes of data. In this course you'll learn and practice Azure storage services and its various types. Below followings are the different types of Azure Storage services are: BLOBFILESTABLESQUEUESDISKSYou'll also go to have hands-on database services on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Services like CosmosDB and SQLDB. These services also can be considered as storage as services. To prepare yourself for the industry then deploy sample projects available on this course. BONUS: You'll learn to use Azure CLI, Command Line Interface to manage cloud services using the command mode. Requirement: A AWS cloud account, python installed on the systemEach storage option is suitable for certain applications and selecting storage services is based on price, availability, reliability, application, SLA (Service Level Agreement) provided, elasticity, retention period, hot/cold & archive option, etc. With SQL Database, you'll learn to  create Relational, table based database where we can create, read, update, delete (CRUD) data values arranged in rows and columns in form tables. With CosmosDB we can create multiple kinds of No SQL databases- document, key value, column and  graph that are highly elastic, distributed and scalable. Enroll this course now and become master of storage and database services on the Azure cloud.




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