Mastering Azure Devops CI/CD Pipelines with YAML

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Course description
In this course you will learn how to master Azure YAML pipelines with real world scenarios from production setups. The main goal of this course is to familiarise yourself with the available commands that Microsoft provides on the pipelines in order to build complex automation projects. Some of the objectives that you will learn are: cron schedulesbuild pipelinesrelease pipelinesrepositoriesdevops toolsenvironmentsapprovalsvariables and parametersdevops agentsDevOps tools that are covered through this course: PythonTerraformAnsible. NETNodeJSAzure Web appsazure cliKubernetesDockerDevSecOpsExamples pipelines that are included: hello-world-pipelineCreate a hello world YAML pipelineshare-variablesShare local variables between jobs and taskspredefined-variablesUse predefined variables for Working Directories, Git Repositories and Artifactsbuild-strategyBuild pipelines continuous integration strategyterraform-az-lin-winTerraform pipeline to provision resources on Azurerest-api-objectPipeline which triggers a pipeline using Azure devops REST Apicalled-from-rest-apiPipeline with a parameter object as input which should be called from a REST APIunit-tests-azuredevopsBuild unit tests and publish on Azure devopsconditionsConditionally run tasks inside pipelinesbuild-dotnetBuild a. NET applicationdeploy-appserviceBuild and deploy appservice on Azurepipeline-templatesUsing a template structure for devops pipelinesstart-vm-loopStart VMs on Azure using loopscron-scheduleRun a pipeline based on a cron scheduleenvironmet-approvalCreate build and release pipelines approvals using environmentsmulti-repo-checkoutCheckout multiple git repositories on azure devops pipelinesvariables-parametersUsing variables and parameters on YAML pipelinesstages-jobs-tasksStages, jobs and tasks inside a YAML pipelineexecute-ansibleExecute ansible playbooks through azure devopspython-executionExecute python scriptsbuild-nodejsBuild node JS applications using npm toolupdate-build-numberUpdate pipeline name by changing build numberinstall-win-softwareInstall software (exe, msi) on windows machinesexecute-commandExecute command on a virtual server without username and passwordstarting-templateStarting template with stage, job, taskspush-package-feedPush a package to Artifact feedskubernetes-deploymentDeploy nginx on kubernetes clustermanual-validationExecute tasks based on manual validationjmeter-loadtestUse Jmeter for performance testingstage-dependenciesCreate deployment workflows with stage dependenciesjobs-dependenciesCreate execution workflows with job dependenciesdependson-variableDynamic dependencies with variables and parametersacr-build-pushBuild dotnet microservice and push on container registrycode-scan-trivyScan code projects with trivysnyk-scan-containerScan container images with snykgitleaks-scanScan for passwords and secrets with gitleaksazure-load-testingLoad test websites with Azure Load testing




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