Master React Libraries (with Customerly codebase)

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React is the most famous JavaScript framework on the market, which you can use to create web applications, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Netflix, and Dropbox, are only some of the applications which are created on React. For this reason, I created this course to talk about four libraries I use daily in React. This course IS NOT for developers who don't know React framework, so don't buy it if you don't know how to use React because we are not seeing it. If you know Italian, you can find my React starter course here on Udemy. In this course, you will find Customerly apps code snippets. We will also discuss how we used the packages we will see in this course in production environments. This is better than having a simple test project because we can see how these packages behave in production environment applications. All the packages in this course are used with Typescript, which is a big pro when using React, because it permits you to save from some mistakes in the code and declare clear types. What do we talk about in this course?React Router: In the React Router course chapter, we will see how to use the last version of React Router (v6.8) also using new data APIs. We will see how to manage new projects with new React Router functions and old projects with React Router components. Tanstack React Query: In the Tanstack React Query course chapter, we learn how to use this powerful library to manage API requests and save them in the cache. A library sponsored by some big players like GitHub, Vercel, and Retool. Facebook RecoilJS: RecoilJS is a state container library created by Facebook developers. In the Recoil course chapter, we will see how to use the library with atoms and selectors, with some conventions we use in Customerly. i18next: In the i18next course chapter, we will talk about this fantastic localization framework, and we will also see the react-i18next package. Other than this, we will also see Localazy, a good service that can help us translate our applications. Tips and tricks: There is a chapter dedicated to some tips on libraries we would have seen and some general development advice I can give for my experience. You can see the lessons Curriculum here above. You can also see the previews and join the course without risks, thanks to the Money Back Guaranteed by Udemy in the first 30 days!




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