MASTER Docker Swarm ASAP

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InstructorPranjal Srivastava
Duration1h 30m
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This course is fully based on pragmatic approach without any kind of bogus content. A short, precise and practical oriented course for IT pros just like you.

In this course, you are going to learn about most popular orchestration management tool, DOCKER SWARM. It allows the user to manage multiple containers deployed across multiple host machines.

Docker Swarm is for small/medium size organization having less then 200 employees or cluster of less then 1000 machines.

The salient features of Docker Swarm is:

  • Easy installation

  • High level of availability

  • Scalability (Not Auto scalable)

  • Auto Load Balancing

  • Fault tolerance

  • Easy to rollback task

  • Decentralized access

  • Service Discovery

In this learning path, you'll get answers of what is docker, docker swarm, how to scale up the application, how to make fault tolerance and highly available applications and much more.

Then you'll be learning about how to create multiple Linux host machines with the help of docker machine and create virtual switch network among them for the communication. Once multiple cluster of nodes are ready to work with you'll learn to initialize docker swarm and generate token to add as many workers or managers into the swarm as per requirement.

Then you'll learn to deploy docker services (Image for microservices) in 3 node cluster

You'll have lots and lots of detailed hands on various commands related to docker swarm, docker nodes, docker containers, docker services.

Lectures backed by practical exercises makes it easy to understand without wasting time in doing troubleshooting. This is the only course that provides 90% practical hands on with 10% theory to support the topic.

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn to build multiple Linux host with the help of docker machine
  • Learn to create docker swarm
  • Learn to scale application
  • Learn to deploy high availability, fault tolerance, scalable application
  • Learn blue/green deployments with Docker Swarm
  • Learn to use Docker Swarm to manage multiple containers running across multiple servers.
  • Learn to create docker services


  • Must have Hyper V capabilities on the system
  • Docker desktop must be installed
  • Have a github and docker hub account
  • Idea of system administration and linux commands will be good (Not mandatory)
  • Understands the basic concepts of containerization technology
Meet your instructors:
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Pranjal Srivastava
SME of AWS & IBM Cloud