Manga Drawing / Digital Illustration beautiful Momotaro

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This course is the captured video that a professional illustrator, nico-sensei drew it by SAI. It is also included the whole process that the illustrator draws, redraws, thinks, and so on. You can check not only the whole process (from drafting to finishing touches) of a professional illustration, but also the details of quality improvement like work method, how to use tools and functions, etc. that you would have hardly watched. When there are important points, the captions are explained appropriately. Let's check the professional techniques again and again to improve your techniques!  You can learn this illustrator's focus points and ingenious ways by watching his real process (drafting, line drawing, coloring and finishing touches). You can feel lots of redrawing and correcting works to improve his illustration, not just complete it. You can refer to how to use the software concretely like pen tools, layers, functions, and so on. The theme of illustration is Momotaro of Japanese old tale. Every Japanese have known this story that Momotaro born from a big peach, go with a dog, a monkey and a pheasant, and beat the devils in Onigashima island. If you draw, what kind of Momotaro's illustration do you do?What kind of Momotaro do you want to watch? read?Nico-sensei drew her original Momotaro by adding her touch like location, personality, etc. Please feel her Momotaro world.* about this video courseThis course is not included technical explanations about how to use software. And there is no audio description because you can concentrate on the professional techniques in the screen. But there is appropriately the explanation by caption when it comes important points.




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