Learn Unity C# Like Pro Pacman into 3D

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By enrolling in this course you will be learning Unity3D in a very effective way. In the quickest time. The first 100 attendees will have a chance to meet the instructor in person after completing the course via online meeting! We will start by Installing and understanding how Unity Game Engine UI works. Add some game objects manipulate materials, grouping hierarchy and much moreThen we are going to cover C# scripting without an over-complicated explanation I have covered what we need and this will quickly allow you to understand scripting. After those steps you will develop a Pacman3D  game with advanced techniques in this game you will learn; All Unity3D game engine  essentialsHow to import assets from the asset store Programming Player Controller  also uses the same script for enemy movement with (Object Oriented Programming) learn DoTween which is very popular and you can use it for animating UI or moving game objects from scripting. Editor Scripts which are very important for professional game development Create different Enemy AI systems with colliders also enemy will be doing random direction changes making them more unpredictable for Pacman instead of navmesh agents enemies will find their way with our script. Create a Collectable system with interfaces you can use this system to collect any kind of game object and add any logic you likeCreating singleton gameobjects with the best wayImplementing Unity Event to a class and you will understand how to use these events which will really speed up your game development. Using Canvas Creating New TextMeshPro add any kind of font you like Adding Audio for the game in the most efficient way.




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