Learn SQL from Scratch and Be a Master

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This Course covers everything from basics to medium and advanced topics. You don't need to have  basic knowledge in SQL. we teach you everything.  We explain each topic with theory and practical explanations. We start from installation and go through every topic that makes you strengthen your knowledgeSome topics covered in this session are How to install SQL Management StudioConnect with SQL Server using SSMSDatabase ideaTables- Creation and Working with thatDefault ConstraintCascading Referential IntegrityCheck ConstraintIdentity Column basicsRetrieve Identity Column ValueUnique Key ConstraintSelect Statement UsagesGroup ByBasic JoinsAdvanced JoinsSelf JoinsHow to Replace NULL -Different WaysCoalesce functionUnion and Union AllStored ProceduresStored Procedures with output parametersDifference between output parameters and return valuesStored Procedures - AdvantagesString FunctionsLeft and RightCharIndex and SubstringReplicate, Space, Patindex, Replace and StuffDatetime FunctionsIsDate, Day, Month, Year and DateName functionsDatePart, DateAdd and DateDiffConvert and CastMathematical FunctionsScalar User Defined FunctionsInline table Valued FunctionsMulti Statement Table Valued FunctionsFunctions - Some conceptsTemporary TablesIndexesClustered and Non Clustered IndexesUnique and Non-Unique IndexesAdvantages and disadvantages of indexesViewsUpdateable ViewsIndexed ViewsView LimitationsDML TriggersDML After Update TriggerInstead of insert triggerInstead of update triggerInstead of delete triggerDerived table and CTE'sCommon Table ExpressionsUpdatable CTERecursive CTENormalization & First Normal Form2NF and 3NFPivot OperatorError handling in SQL Server 2000Error handling in SQL Server 2005 and later versionsTransactions in SQL ServerTransaction ACID TestsSubqueries in SQL Correlated subqueryCreating a large table with random data for performance testingWhat to choose for performance - Subquery or JoinsCursors in SQL ServerReplacing cursors using joinsList all tables in a SQL Server database using a queryWriting re-runnable SQL Server scriptsAlter database table columns without dropping tableOptional parameters in SQL Server stored proceduresMerge in SQL ServerSQL Server concurrent transactionsSQL Server dirty read exampleSQL Server lost update problemNon repeatable read example in SQL ServerPhantom reads example in SQL ServerSnapshot isolation level in SQL ServerRead committed snapshot isolation level in SQL ServerDifference between snapshot isolation and read committed snapshotSQL Server deadlock example) SQL Server deadlock victim selectionLogging deadlocks in SQL ServerSQL Server deadlock analysis and preventionCapturing deadlocks in SQL profilerSQL Server deadlock error handlingHandling deadlocks in ado dot netRetry logic for deadlock exceptionsHow to find blocking queries in SQL ServerSQL Server except operatorDifference between except and not in SQL ServerIntersect operator in SQL ServerDifference between union intersect and except in SQL ServerCross apply and outer apply in SQL ServerDDL Triggers in SQL ServerServer-scoped DDL triggersSQL Server trigger execution orderAudit table changes in SQL ServerLogon triggers in SQL ServerSelect into in SQL ServerDifference between where and having in SQL ServerTable valued parameters in SQL ServerSend data table as parameter to stored procedureGrouping Sets in SQL ServerRollup in SQL ServerCube in SQL ServerDifference between cube and rollup in SQL ServerGrouping function in SQL ServerGROUPING ID function in SQL ServerDebugging SQL Server stored proceduresOver clause in SQL ServerRow Number function in SQL ServerRank and Dense Rank in SQL ServerDifference between rank dense rank and row number in SQLCalculate running total in SQL Server 2012NTILE function in SQL ServerLead and Lag functions in SQL Server 2012FIRST VALUE function in SQL ServerWindow functions in SQL ServerDifference between rows and rangeLAST VALUE function in SQL ServerUNPIVOT in SQL ServerReverse PIVOT table in SQL ServerChoose function in SQL ServerIIF function in SQL ServerTRY PARSE function in SQL Server 2012TRY CONVERT function in SQL Server 2012EOMONTH function in SQL Server 2012DATEFROMPARTS functionDifference between DateTime and SmallDateTime in SQL ServerDateTime2FromParts function in SQL Server 2012Difference between DateTime and DateTime2 in SQL ServerOffset fetch next in SQL Server 2012Identifying object dependencies in SQL Serversys dm sql referencing entities in SQL Serversp depends in SQL ServerSequence object in SQL Server 2012Difference between sequence and identity in SQL ServerGUID in SQL ServerHow to check GUID is null or empty in SQL ServerDynamic SQL in SQL ServerImplement search web page using ASP. NET and Stored ProcedureImplement search web page using ASP. NET and Dynamic SQLPrevent SQL injection with dynamic SQLDynamic SQL in Stored ProcedureSQL Server query plan cacheexec vs sp executesql in SQL ServerDynamic sql table name variableQuotename function in SQL ServerDynamic SQL vs Stored ProcedureDynamic sql output parameterTemp tables in dynamic SQL




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