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There are thousands of courses about Python. But this course is different from them because this course is made to ease Python programming. Instead of just explaining each and every function, loop, or statements these are nicely put into real world projects. While developing these real world projects the student will gain the knowledge of practically using Python programming with practice. This short course covers a wide range of topics including data structures, loops, variables and functions. Now there's no need to worry about Python Programming because all are nicely explained in this short course. The course mainly aims at the following keys: Getting user inputAssigning a value to a variableIf... else conditional statementsCombining two conditions using the 'and' operatorConverting input functions to integer input functionsListing items in a string into substring items using the split functionIdentifying the difference between string items and integer itemsFinding  the sum of an integer listUsing list comprehensions to convert string items to integer itemsUsing the map function to convert strings to integersFinding the product of items in a list using the product functionListing items in a listEmpty listsUsing while loops to iterate the same code repetitivelyUsing the append function to insert items into a listIdentifying how to find the quotient simplyFinding the minimum value in a listUsing the range function to call numbers up to a certain limitUsing the for loop to iterate over a given conditionUsing two or more conditional statementsUsing the set function to eliminate repeated valuesConverting a set into a list to arrange the items in ascending or descending orderDefining a dictionary and assigning key value pairsOutput the maximum value using a dictionary keyUsing addition, multiplication, remainder and strictly equal operatorsUsing the random module to generate random characters from a given stringUsing the string module to get the uppercase, lowercase letters, digits and punctuation marksDefining a function and an argumentConcatenation of stringsDefining an empty string




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