Learn Oracle Database Upgrade - Oracle 11g to 12c upgrade

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Hello everyone my name Zulqarnain Hayat and welcome to upgrade oracle 11g to 12c course This course is designed to give knowledge and skills needed to upgrade Oracle databases using Linux and windows platform. As a DBA, it's your primary job to upgrade Oracle databases and when Oracle releases new versions. This course starts with Oracle 11g upgrade and further upgrade from  11g to 12c upgrade. The course is mainly designed for working DBAs who are responsible to upgrade databases from 11g to 12c. Right now, as Oracle has released 12c database version, all the companies are moving to 12c Database version. This directly impacts DBAs where they have to showcase skills and upgrade the environment. This course we will go step by step. Following are the high level order to upgrade from 11G to 12C using Linux. Part- 1 High level steps to upgrade from Oracle 11G to 12C using Oracle Linux 7.4Step-1   Download Oracle Linux 7.6 , Oracle 11G and 12C SoftwareStep-2   Install Oracle Linux 7.6 Step by StepStep-3   Basic Host Configuration of Linux ServerStep-4   Setup Oracle Perquisites on Linux ServerStep-5   Install Oracle 11G Software Step-6   Configure Listener using NETCA Step-7   Create database TESTDB using DBCAStep-8   Install Oracle 12C Software onlyStep-9   Run Pre-upgrade SQL ScriptsStep-10 Upgrade 11G to 12C using DBUAStep-11 Go LivePart-2Upgrade 11G to 12C using Windows platform. Step-1   Download windows 2012 , Oracle 11G, Patch and 12C SoftwareStep-2   Install windows 2012 Step by StepStep-3   Install Oracle 11G Software on windowsStep-4   Install Oracle patch Software on windowsStep-5   Install Oracle 12C Software onlyStep-6   Run Pre-upgrade SQL ScriptsStep-7 Upgrade 11G to 12C using DBUAStep-8 Go Live                 Note: Each Step has own sequence of installation




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