Learn Oracle Database SQL Development & Administration

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Learn Oracle Database SQL Development & Administration in weekly segments. This is an ever-evolving course on Oracle database technology. Become comfortable with Oracle SQL development, learn about Oracle architecture, learn historical facts about Oracle databases, and grow your knowledge by walking through the Oracle documentation and video tutorials provided by Oracle in their free development environment with the assistance of watching the tasks being done on these Oracle tutorial videos, learning how to use the Oracle SQL development tool by following along with this Oracle course's video lessons, and start your long-term journey of increasing your Oracle expertise by practicing Oracle SQL and learning along with the instructor of this course as new videos continue to be posted weekly. Learn how to create tables with Oracle SQL, how to insert data into tables with Oracle SQL, how to create Oracle database triggers, how to alter Oracle database data in tables, come to understand the multitenant architecture of CDB's and PDB's, learn about recovery tools in Oracle database, learn about dynamic views in Oracle database, and much, much more. This is not a standard do it and complete it kind of course. This is a long-term course plan to build in-depth knowledge over time for eventually becoming a versatile, skilled, Oracle database expert. Oracle is one of the most popular database technologies, while also being considered the premier database technology where top talent is highly sought after and well-compensated. The deep knowledge of Oracle database technology is not an overnight skill to learn. This course ensures the student only receives fully accurate information, direct from Oracle, that the student learns some of the idiosyncracies that differentiate Oracle SQL from other SQL database development in other database systems, and that, over time, students that follow along with these courses as they evolve, will themselves evolve and increase their confidence, knowledge, skills, and earning potential.




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