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Do you love colored pencils but are unsure how to use them?  You can have the talent of colored pencil drawings. The internet can be a pretty intimidating place. Social media is showing these elaborate colored pencil drawings. I used to think that there was no way I would ever catch these insanely talented artists. The truth is, those people all started as beginners, but they worked hard at their craft and in the end had the talent to create these beautiful works. This lesson is for drawing beginners. Talent can be LearnedThe reason these amazing online exist is that they broke down and learned every small aspect of colored pencils. Learning something in very specific small chunks helps you learn the skill faster. That's what I've done here for you. You will see the breakdown of how to use colored pencils and demonstrate how to use them. You will learn:1) How pressure can affect your drawing.2) Different strokes can give your drawing a completely different appearance.3) Layering different colors for effect4) Blending with the pencils.5) Shadows 101.--------------------------1) How drawing pressure can affect your drawing. You will learn how simply how hard you press on the colored pencil can create a completely different appearance of the finished drawing. You'll have a full understanding of pressure and colored pencils after this lesson.2) Different strokes can give your drawing a completely different appearance. In this lesson, you'll learn the power of stroke weight. I went through the trial and error, so you don't have to. This will save you several months of experimentation.3) Layering different colors for effectIn this lesson, you'll understand the layering process and how this will take your normal colored pencil drawings to a polished professional look. 4) Blending with the pencils. Here you'll see the ways in which blending works and how to do it. It's a simple process most artists tend to overcomplicate.5) Shadows 101You'll get a crash course on Shading. This is a very good reminder, and if you don't know it, it will also take your drawing to the next level. This course will help you be more creative and use colored pencils in ways you never imagined! You will be able to draw your family, pets, and anything else you'd like to. Let's get started with the lesson! You can be creating beautiful colored pencil drawings in the next 30 minutes. Let's Get started now!




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