Landscape Photography for Beginners - A Complete Guide

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Do you want to learn the art of Landscape Photography in a complete way in one place?Then this is the right course for you! Because this course has been designed in such a way that it covers EVERYTHING you need to know about Landscape Photography and it's perfect for both beginners as well as people are who are looking to learn the advanced concepts. What makes this course so different is that it's divided in into 4 phases to make the learning really sequential and practical: PHASE 1 In Phase 1, we will be learning about the Principles of Landscape Photography. These Principles are: Principle #1 - Shooting during the Golden HoursPrinciple #2 - Getting the Foreground in the CompositionPrinciple #3 - Where to focus in Landscape Photography? Hyperfocal DistancePrinciple #4- Understanding the Usage of Aperture in Landscape PhotographyPrinciple #5- Rules of Thirds and Leading Lines Composition PrinciplesPrinciple #6 - How to buy a good Tripod?Principle #7 - Using a Wide-Angle LensPrinciple #8 - Understanding the Importance of EditingPrinciple #9 - Understanding Dynamic Range (HDR)Principle #10 - The Importance of Using Filters in Landscape PhotographyPHASE 2In Phase 2, we will be learning about the usage of different FILTERS and ACCESSORIES used in Landscape Photography via practical demonstrations and field exercises. Usage of Polarizing Filters to Cut out Reflections and HazeUsage of Neutral Density (ND) Filters for Long Exposure PhotographyUsage of Graduated Neutral Density (GND) Filters to get a better skyFocus StackingUsage of Photoshop and Lightroom for Different Post-Processing TechniquesPHASE 3In this part, we will be testing our LANDSCAPE SHOOTING PROCESS, which is a checklist of steps which you will have to take in order to take a perfect Landscape shot. This test will be done in a familiar environment which is not too far away from our home so we don't invest any effort till the time we know exactly what we are doing. PHASE 4 After we have tested our checklist, we will be putting all that we have learned by taking a proper landscape shot in a proper environment. Throughout this course, we will be also be learning about a lot of other important settings, techniques, gear and accessories that are very useful in Landscape Photography. About meI'm Kush Sharma. For the last 10 years, I have taught Photography and Videography professionally to over 45,000 students from over 160 countries via my online courses and workshops. I hope you will join me in this adventure!:)




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