Landing Page Optimization & Design for Digital Marketing

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Did you know the human attention span is shorter than a goldfish's?   Goldfish = 9 seconds   Humans= 7 seconds   With an attention span shorter than a goldfish, your landing pages have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time.   With just one page, you have to entice and interest people with your product and services, convince them to take the most beneficial next step, and provide them with contact information for assistance should they need it. That's a lot of pressure for just one page, so it's important to follow the best practices to creating an eye-catching and effective landing page design. On this course we'll break down hundreds of the top-performing landing pages online right now and see what they are doing (or failing to do). With over 100+ Real Landing Pages Analyzed, we will see the strategies and design elements they use to retain people's attention, inspire action, and boost conversions. You'll also learn how to optimize your landing page designs for maximum conversions by increasing the effectiveness of individual elements like: HeadlinesCall-to-actionsBackgroundsImagesand more! Every landing page needs to have a clear and focused goal. By having a particular action in mind, like a button or an email form, you will be able to guide your visitors into taking a specific action, whether it's a purchase or an email subscription, that's entirely up to you. So, take this course now, and let's start designing stunningly effective landing pages!




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