Kubernetes By Example

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This course is for you if you want to: - Learn Kubernetes by doing - I provides lots of sample files that you can try out and experiment with- Learn Kubernetes in anger - This is a fast paced course. It starts off as a beginner beginner level course, but it then very quickly transitions to intermediate and advanced topics- Getting your hands dirty - If you're itching to actually start using Kubernetes then this course gives you every opportunity to follow along. - Watch Kubernetes in Action - This Udemy medium is perfect for showing you how to use Kubernetes rather than going through Powerpoint presentations. That's why in this course, I'm going to Powerpoint presentations to an absolute minimum.  I'll be performing all of the demos on a Apple Macbook. However most of the commands I'll use will work irrespective of whether you're using a Mac, Linux, or Windows workstation. The main difference being the initial workstation setup. For most of this course I'll use an instance of Kubernetes that's running locally on my Macbook. I'll also cover how to set up a kubernetes cluster in the cloud.  The demos I'll show will work just as well on a local workstation as well as a proper production cloud provisioned Kubernetes cluster. This is a follow along hand-on Kubernetes course. By the end of this course you will be able to: Create your own Kubernetes environment running on your local workstationWrite yaml files that defines Kubernetes objectsCreate all kinds of Kubernetes objects, from Pods to ServicesUltimately the aim is to get you confident with using the kubectl command and writing Kubernetes yaml files.




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