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Come and learn how to make Android apps from scratch in this Kotlin Android tutorial. If you’ve already made up your mind to learn Kotlin, you don’t need to look any further from this detailed 13 hours long course. If you still don’t know what tools to use to become an Android developer, you must read on and see what value you may get from this Kotlin tutorial.

Why is it worth taking a Kotlin Android tutorial?

The world’s smartphone population is mainly powered with Android (more than 75% of all smartphones), confidently leaving iOS behind. Its Google Play store makes almost any imaginable app accessible for free. There’s no wonder why Android developer listings in job markets have been booming over the past few years, and salary figures for experienced professionals have also been climbing up steadily.

Now, the second part of the question is, why choose to learn Kotlin over Java? The quick answer will include five reasons that make Kotlin a desirable tool to add to your skillset.
1. Kotlin is a concise programming language. Compared to Java, it requires ~40% fewer code lines.
2. It’s easy to learn – especially when you know some Java.
3. Kotlin is safe, ensuring that you’ll avoid errors such as null exceptions, which otherwise can become a nightmare in Java.
4. It’s fully interoperable with Java and Android.
5. It’s distributed under Apache Licence v 2.0, which means it’s open source.

What will you learn in this Kotlin Android tutorial?

This is an exercise-based course to learn Kotlin Android from scratch. You’ll get clear explanations of which tools to choose, how to set up your working environment, and then get into learning what it takes to build Android apps. Here’s a quick overview of the structure of this Kotlin Android tutorial. You’ll learn:

  • How to install and set up Kotlin and Android Studio;
  • Kotlin basics (from declaring and initializing variables to operators, Null functions, etc.);
  • How to build a tip calculator, designing the UI;
  • Kotlin control flow, including exercises and video answers to flow through the course smoothly and with confidence;
  • Kotlin functions with parameters and with return type, then using those functions in Tip Calculator;
  • Kotlin loops and immutable/mutable collections;
  • Kotlin classes and objects, enums, and exception handling;
  • How to display data into a ListView;
  • Building apps: English Stories, My Notes, Best Quotes, Animating a Spaceship;
  • How to publish your apps on Google Play;
  • And much more – have a look at the course curriculum to learn more precisely what you're going to learn in each lesson of this Kotlin Android tutorial.
Learn Kotlin Android with the latest updates

We’ll be using the latest versions available at the moment of creating this course. I’ll show you how you can create a comfortable and efficient environment to follow this Kotlin tutorial easily. You’ll leave this course having new practical skills, understanding the best ways to employ new great tools to your benefit, creating amazing apps. Enroll in this Kotlin Android tutorial to lay a solid foundation for your future in Android development!

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