Jenkins, From Zero To Master - Industrial CI/CD Projects

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Jenkins is a powerful and flexible automation tool; It is used to automate almost anything. Go faster and learn how to build strong automated processes like Pipelines, CI/CD workflow, and more! In the DevOps world, Jenkins is one of the best cards on the table. Start automating everything, and become a DevOps engineer! This is the right course for you! Course Content: IntroductionAbout Jenkins toolInstallation of Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager Installation of Ubuntu Operating System. Installation of JenkinsOverview of Jenkins DashboardAbout JenkinsCreate First Job in JenkinsJob - Default User & Workspace LocationStatus, Weather & Build Stability of a JobSearch Panel in Jenkins DashboardManage Jenkins - Configure SystemManage Plugins - Install a simple theme pluginUser Accounts In JenkinsCreate User Accounts in JenkinsRole-Based Authorization Strategy in JenkinsConfigure Authorization from Global SecurityDelegate Permission Using Manage Roles -1Delegate Permission Using Manage Roles -2Integrate GitHub Repository to Your Jenkins ProjectClone the git project using terminalClone the git project using Jenkins ShellDelete workspace before build startsBuild TriggersBuild Triggers - Trigger builds remotely (e. g., from scripts)Trigger builds remotely using an Authentication tokenBuild Triggers from terminalBuild after other projects are builtTrigger even if the build fails/unstable/abortedBuild PeriodicallyPoll SCM - Source Code ManagementVariables in JenkinsEnvironment VaraiblesGlobal Environment VaraiblesBuild Environment in JenkinsParameterized Jobs in Jenkins   String Parameter   Boolean Parameter   Choice Parameter   Multi-line String Parameter   Password Parameter   File ParameterSet Timeout in Jenkins Add timestamps to the console outputEnable/Disable Jenkins JobExecute Concurrent, Parallel Build Jobs in JenkinsRetry count in JenkinsThrottle builds in JenkinsCustom WorkspaceChange the Display Name of a Job in JenkinsBlock Build when Upstream/Downstream project is building Build PipelineCreate Jenkins Pipeline Using Build PipelineOverview of the CICD ProcessContinuous Delivery vs Continuous deployment with a practical approachParallel Jobs in Jenkins PipelineDeploy Build Artifacts to Tomcat ServerDeploy Build Artifacts (. war) to Tomcat ServerConfigure the Tomcat ServerDeploy Build Artifacts (. war) to Tomcat Server - GUIDeploy the package (war file) to Tomcat Server using JenkinsOverview of projectClone the code from Git RepositoryIntegrate Maven with JenkinsBuild the Package using Maven ToolInstall & Configure Tomcat ServerConfigure a Pipeline using Build PipelineDeploy the Package file (. war) to Tomcat ServerLast LectureJenkins Pipeline - Declarative PipelineCreate the first Pipeline as code - Create the first JenkinsfileMultiple stages in pipeline scriptRun commands using pipeline scriptVariable/Environment in pipeline scriptDefine stage-level variables using pipeline scriptBuild parameters in the pipeline scriptBoolean & choice parameters in pipeline scriptInput from the user in the pipeline scriptPost actions in the pipeline scriptLast lectureCICD Process - Manual Approach Using Maven, SonarQube, Docker, AWS ECR Overview of CICD Process Configure Build Server and Install various tools like Java, Git, Maven, Docker Checkout & Build the Project using Maven Tool Install SonarQube on Ubuntu Instance Add Sonar-maven-plugin Start SonarQube Service Check the Code Quality Overview of Dockerfile to Create a Docker Image Create a Repository in AWS ECR Create a Role to Provide Access One AWS Service (CI Server) to another (AWS ECR) Build the Docker Image using Dockerfile Push the Docker Image to AWS ECR Repository Create a CD Server - Continuous Deployment Pull & Execute the Docker Image from ECR to CD Server Recap the Entire CICD ProcessCICD Process Using Jenkins Overview of CICD Process using Jenkins Install a Jenkins Server (CI Server) Add maven in Jenkins Server from Global Tool Configuration Create a Jenkins pipeline for Checkout & build the project Install SonarQube Server using Docker container Generate the token from SonarQube Server Add Sonar Login Credentials on Jenkins Server Install SonarQube Scanner plugins on Jenkins Add SonarQube on Jenkins Server Pipeline for SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins Pipeline for success or aborted due to quality gate failure Configure a webhook in your SonarQube Server Add stage in pipeline to create a Docker Image using DockerFile Create an IAM User to have access to AWS ECR and add it to Jenkins Server Add stage in pipeline to Push the Docker Image to AWS ECR Configure SES to send an email notification Integrate SES with Jenkins using pipeline Receive an Email Notification after the success or failure of Jenkins PipelineLast lecture




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