ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system auditor

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My course explains in plain English all the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 discussing the intent of each sub-clause of the standard, offering solutions that can be used for the implementation of a quality management system along with examples and, of course, providing guidance on how to audit a quality management system - be it internal or external audit. After going through all the lessons in the course you will have a perfect understanding of ALL the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. You will be able to conduct or participate in the implementation or the assessment of a Quality Management System. The structure of the course includes 3 parts:- the first part is introductive - it discusses concepts like quality and quality management system, it presents the most relevant standards in the ISO 9000 series, a short history of ISO 9001 and it also covers two very important concepts for understanding a quality management system - process approach and risk-based thinking;- the second part of the course is a detailed presentation of all clauses and sub-clauses in ISO 9001:2015 - it follows the structure of the standard so we will be discussing about the context of the organization, the scope of the QMS, about leadership and the involvement of the top management in the QMS, about the quality policy, about roles, responsibilities and authorities, about risks and opportunities, quality objectives and plans for their achievement, about the resources needed for the QMS, including infrastructure, environment for the operation of processes, competent people or organizational knowledge, about the documentation that supports the QMS and its control, about the process that the organization should follow for the design and development of its products and services, about customer communication, purchasing and the control of processes, products and services obtained from external providers, about identification and traceability, the control of goods property of customers and external providers, about preservation requirements, about post delivery activities and the management of non-conforming outputs, about the requirements for monitoring customer satisfaction about internal audits of the QMS, about the management review, the management of nonconformities in the QMS or the continual improvement of the management system.- the third and last part of my course is about management system auditing in general - it discusses subjects such as the principles of auditing and the different types of management system audits, audits scope, objectives and criteria, conducting a QMS audit, audit plan and report or how nonconformities and opportunities for improvement should be managed. All the key requirements of ISO 9001:2015 are being explained like: context of the organization; risks and opportunities; QMS scope; quality policy and objectives;  infrastructure; competence; awareness; measuring and monitoring resources; documented information; design and development; customer communication; reviewing customer requirements; property belonging to customers or external providers; preservation; control of externally provided processes, products and services; identification and traceability; post-delivery; release of products and services; nonconforming outputs; customer satisfaction; internal audit; nonconformity and corrective action or management review. The course DOES NOT ONLY READ THE REQUIREMENTS OF ISO 9001:2015 but it speaks about the intent of each requirement, gives examples and solutions for the implementation. It is a great tool for auditing or implementing a Quality Management System. If you are working with ISO 9001 in your day-to-day business or you want to know about quality management and take advantage of the opportunities in this sector - this course is what you need. If you want to apply for certification as a QMS auditor or practitioner then here you have all the information that you need to pass the exam and achieve your goals. You have in this online course condensed information. You will get in 5 hours all the information that you may obtain by attending a 5-day in-class training. Plus you have lifetime access to the information here. You learn when you want, where you want and come back to the videos whenever you want. Its a great offer that you should take advantage! Enroll now!




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