ISO 9001 Foundations Training The Guide to ISO Success #1

Course description
The ISO 9001 Foundations Training course acts as a guide to help you train for the successful implementation of ISO 9001. This is STEP #1 in your journey towards ISO implementation, where each Clause and Sub-Clause within the ISO 9001 standard will be covered in all lectures within this course. BenefitsOn successfully completing the course, students will be able to: Understand the origin of ISO 9001 and its benefitsKnow the requirements in all the clauses of the ISO 9001:2015 standardDetermine the criteria on which the external audit will be basedLearn how to read and understand internal and external audit reportsCommunicate with colleagues about the requirements of ISO 9001This course is designed to help you succeed. It uses a mixture of self-paced videos & quizzes to help you gauge your knowledge. You will also have access to the tutor, Luke Desira. via email. Pre-RequisitesCongratulations! You have what you need for this course. An open mind, hungry to learn. All other knowledge required will be shared during this course. All the requirements will be explained in detail. Course ContentReviewing the concept of Quality Management Systems. Familiarisation with the ISO 9001 standard. Knowledge needed to implement ISO 9001 in an organisation successfully. Course sections (along with templates for each section):           o Clause 1 Scope           o Clause 2 Normative References           o Clause 3 Terms and Definitions           o Clause 4 Context of the Organization           o Clause 5 Leadership and Commitment           o Clause 6 Planning for QMS           o Clause 7 Support and Resource Management           o Clause 8 Operational Planning and Control                      o Clause 9 Performance Evaluation           o Clause 10 ImprovementCourse DurationThe training course is 8.5 hours long and can be consumed at your own pace. Throughout his work, Luke has helped countless businesses to scale their productivity and operations, maintain quality and grow - all whilst remaining agile. In this ISO 9001 Foundations Course, Luke aims to transfer such skills to you, the quality managers and businesses seeking to learn more about ISO 9001. Wait no more. Jump into the ISO 9001 Foundations Course and start your journey toward ISO certification!




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