Introduction to 3Ds Max & Vray From A-Z (Part II)

Course description
This is a basic course, for all users who are interested in 3Ds Max. 3Ds Max is common for architecture, manufacturing, game development, industrial design, and motion graphics. This course targets Graphics and Multimedia design, Computer Graphics and Animation, Interior and architect Students. There are dozens of features and techniques to master, from sculpting and texturing to lighting and rendering. This course covers 3ds Max from the ground up, providing an overview of the entire package, as well as Basic skills that 3D artists need to create professional models and animations. Learn how to get around the 3ds Max interface and customize it. Discover how to model different objects using splines, polygons, subdivision surfaces, and freeform modeling. Construct Hierarchies,  Assign Vray Materials and Vray lights to your scenes, Animate with keyframes, create your cameras and more. Finally render out your animation or still image and share it with your friends, clients... In this course I will be going through the basics of 3D Studio Max and an Introduction to Vray which will be our rendering software. All you need for this course is 3D Studio Max and Vray, no matter which version you are using you will still be able to follow up with me. I will start from scratch with the Navigation and interface, so you can be able to understand the software and how to work with it. Then I will go to Modeling and talk about polygonal Modeling and spline modeling. How to import files into max from other software such as AUTOCAD and Illustrator and how to export 3D Max files to other software, then we will go through Vray Materials and how to assign them to our models, then Vray Lighting, and how we can light our scene in the best way possible, We will also work with Physical Cameras. We will also go through the basics of Animation and how to create some basic Animation with objects and cameras, and finally, we will go through the rendering setup and how to export our project into an image or a movie. So, after this course you will be able to create a project from A-Z at a beginner level.




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