Introduction to 2 & 3D Drone Modeling With Agisoft Metashape

Course description
This course covers 2D & 3D Modeling with DJI drones and Agisoft's Metashape.  In this class students will learn about capturing images with their DJI drones for creating models.  Students will then walk through the process of generating 2D & 3D models with a software package known as Metashape, developed by Agisoft. The basic principles of Drone Modeling will be covered in this course.  Capture images, import to a modeling program, aligning images, generating a point cloud, generating a 3D mesh, and generating a texture file.  Most programs for drone modeling follow this workflow.  So even if you're not a Metashape user, this class will still walk you through the basics of the modeling process. A fair amount of the course will cover capturing drone images for 2D & 3D Models.  We introduce several capture applications and show flight setups for creating models.  If your initial flights aren't good, your model will most likely turn out poorly as well.  So focusing on initial image captures is very important in this course.  We will introduce Metashape Standard Edition and Pro Edition for your modeling process.  While other programs allow you to achieve similar results, their interfaces vary from program to program.  Metashape is easy enough for beginners to work with, and powerful enough for professional drone modeling applications as well.  Ground Control Points and Advanced Modeling TopicsThis course on drone modeling with Agisoft's Metashape is designed for beginners who are interested in generating 2D & 3D Models.  While the course gives a brief over view of manual image alignment and Ground Control Points, it does not get into the great detail and complexity of utilizing Ground Control Points (GCPs).  If you're approaching the professional level of drone modeling you will require a more advanced class than this one. Pilot in Command's ResponsibilitiesIn this course we'll be discussing a lot of automated drone flight.  If you're intending on using a drone for the purposes of mapping and modeling you should have a basic understanding of your drone, the rules and regulations where you're flying, and your personal responsibility as a drone pilot.  This course does not cover basic drone flight principles nor flight regulations, and it's up to you to be aware of flight safety and legal flight requirements.




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