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Hi there - my name is Jesse Showalter & welcome to Intro to UI/UX Design. Together you and I are going to learn everything you need to get started working as a UI/UX Designer using Figma. This course is aimed at people new to design, new to User Interface and User Experience design. Even if you're not totally sure what UI/UX really means, don't worry. We'll start right at the beginning and work our way through step by step. First we'll define what the differences are between UI and UX designThen you'll learn what user centered design is and what makes design "good"You'll learn about how to conduct some researchThe you will learn how to design a series of wireframes for a mobile applicationFrom there we'll look at how to implement colors & images properly in your designs. You'll learn the do's & don'ts around typographyYou'll learn how to create your own icons, buttons & other UI components. You'll learn how to create Components, Constraints, and Variants in FigmaWe'll build a simple Style Guide and pattern library for our project in FigmaYou'll understand how to make both simple & advanced micro interactions, page transitions & animationsYou will walk through the UX & UI design process from start to finish as you complete your class project all the way through to the end. Once finished with your project you will learn some crucial insights about getting hired in the industry and use the results of your project to build your very own design portfolio. We'll be focusing on the software Figma but I'll make sure to explain the techniques & terms commonly used in the UI/UX industry. By doing this you will develop a mature understanding of the industry and will be able to confidently build on these foundations until you get hired for your first design job. Now is the time to upgrade your career & go from UI/UX Zero to Hero.




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