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Growing to 100,000 Followers and Beyond. Now you might be saying: "that goal seems unrealistic to achieve". Actually, if you've been reading around the internet, you might have seen posts, where people share how they grew to 100k followers in few months. To be honest, back in 2016 and 2017 it was a lot easier to grow your account if you knew the right levers to pull. Now, you might feel like: "Damn, I missed out on this crazy". Not to worry. You just need to know how to play along with Instagram and their ranking algorithm. Moreover, gaining a lot followers doesn't really matter. If your 100k followers aren't genuinely interested in your content and business, then you simply have a cool account you can brag with. Ask yourself. Would you like to have 1,000 highly engaged followers (aka. potential paying customers) or 100,000 followers that go "meh" when you post your next lunch meal photo?I hope that doesn't take a long time to answer. Now, you might be thinking: "1,000 paying customers sound really good, but I want to have influence and be known by more than 1,000 people". Well… , the good news is, that you will be. After all, this Instagram masterclass is about teaching you to grow to 100k followers and beyond. You will get "Instagram famous" if you take massive action and put the strategies listed in this course to use. The second good news is that 100% of your success will be solely determined by your own efforts. Ads, promotions, giveaways and other paid options to grow your audience are useful for scaling of what's already working. So, if you're tired struggling by yourself, I encourage you to join our community (yes we have a private coaching group as well) and get the support, knowledge and confidence necessary to accelerate your accounts growth. Here's the course syllabus (Unlimited access to the course materials and free updates for life.)Create & Plan - What are some of the best ways to create and plan content for Instagram. Profile Optimization - How to write a compelling bio and optimize for eye-catching first impression. Using Hashtags - How to do hashtag research the right way and optimize for the best performing hashtags. Boost Engagement - Simple yet powerful strategies to double, triple or even quadruple engagement (no BS). Build Your Product - Instagram is a wonderful traffic source. Learn how to build an e-mail list and sell your own products. Get Brand Deals - Learn how to get brands to pay you and start earning a living from Instagram. Get More Profile Visits - Don't only relay on Instagram algorithm to give you the exposure you deserve. Learn to drive more visits for free. Use Instagram Ads - Learn to use Instagram ads so you wouldn't need to break the bank every time you run a promotion. Social Proof - Get featured by major media sites and position yourself as a thought leader. Engagement Groups - Engagement groups are still a thing. You need to know how to use them in order to make them work. Giveaways - Gain additional attention by hosting giveaways and build relationships with other influencers in your niche. Get Verified - There's no 100% guarantee for getting verified. However, certain steps increase the likelihood of it happening. This course does come with a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. ENROLL RIGHT NOW and I will see you on the inside. ******* Here is some feedback from our beta students ******The course has really helped me out on growing my page a lot. One of my videos was reposted over 6 times the other day, getting over 500k+ views. - MatthewThis Instagram course is beginner friendly and gives you a lot of tips and tools to get started. I was able to add 100 followers in just a couple of days. - Ergo




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