Industrial Communication by Siemens S7 1200PLC-Real Hardware

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In this training, we will work with industrial communication systems. Communication systems make our projects easier and cheaper. First we will work with rs 485 modbus rtu protocol which is one of the most popular communication protocols. Many brands offer this communication protocol as standard. In our first project we will use a lumel sensor. This sensor measures temperature and humidity. And it has modbus rtu protocol. We will control the kinco servo motor with modbus rtu. We will make operator panel and scada software with wincc in all our projects. Our next project will be with siemens v20 speed controller. This device has two communication protocols. Modbus RTU and USS communication protocols. After controlling the drive with modbus rtu communication , we will control it with USS. our other communication protocol will be IO link. This communication protocol is easy and simple for 2 or more Siemens S7 1200 PLC communication. In this course we will use the webserver feature of siemens plc. We will access plc via internet browser and exchange data. We will design the interface using html and java. We will make projects with plc using mqtt and node-red. In our next project, we will send a message to plc with Gsm module and receive a message from plcAfter supplying the devices, we will control siemens V90 servo system. Let's start our course




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