Human Resources Management & Ultimate HR Generalist: All HRM Functions in one Course

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  • Are you looking for a single course with the most comprehensive HRM topics coverage?

  • Beginner-friendly, step-by-step training methodology? 

  • Clear-cult tools, technologies and instructions with workable files and resources?

  • A practical, most industry-relevant curriculum in HR Management & Payroll to become a top-notch professional in today's scenario? 

    (even if you are a beginner or have upto 14 yrs of experience).

  • Industry-relevant practical curriculum which can be applied to your work right now? 

  • This course if for you if you answered yes to any of the above questions.

UNLOCK the top-notch and in-demand skills for Human Resource Management & Payroll professional success in this simple, Constantly Updated and easy to understand course from HR industry experts (NextGen HR)!

This is a most recent (May 2022), Comprehensive HRM Course for beginners and mid-level professionals. Beginner to Advanced: Most important and trending HR topics covered.

Top HR and Payroll Skills you acquire from this course are :- 

  1. Employee Life Cycle Management: Managing end to end Employee Life Cycle from Branding to Exit in an organization, with relevant Tools, Technologies & HR metric to use for measurement of each stage. 

  2. Human Resource Management: Introduction, Objectives of HRM: Organizational, Functional, Social and Personal, Strategic HRM: Aligning Organizational Strategy with HR Strategy

  3. Indian Compensation, Payroll and Benefits : Concepts, Fixed and Flexible Benefit Plan - CTC Structuring and Salary Calculations.

  4. Statutory Compliances Concepts & Detailed Calculation in Excel, such as PF, ESIC, Statutory Bonus, Leave Encashment, Gratuity, etc.

  5. Art of Salary Negotiation with prospective employees to acquire great talent.

  6. Effective On-boarding and retention of employees. Case studies on On-boarding impact on Employee Retention and HR department.

  7. Career Planning for HR professionals : Learn all these from an industry expert + Also set your Career Roadmap.

  8. Employee Engagement Best Practices: How to design Buddy Program

  9. Remote / Online Recruitment Best Practices for successful recruitment online.

  10. HRM: Objectives (Organizational, Functional, Societal and Personnel), Functions of HRM: Managerial, Operative and Advisory Functions, Strategic HRM: Alignment of Organizational Strategies with HRM Strategies.

  11. Analyse your SWOT, Know different opportunities and career roadmap in HR in this course.

and many more...

Practical Training Curriculum:

Work on Practical Assignments and use given downloadable Excel Case-Study worksheets, practice materials, etc. to gain hands-on experience. Get downloadable E-Book on Compensation & Payroll topics, with this course. 


 What you will learn in this course:-

  • Employee Life Cycle Management:

✅ Employee Life Cycle: Introduction and its stages.

✅ Each Stage, i.e., Attraction, Recruitment, Onboarding, Development, Retention, Separation explained in detail : Importance, Tools & Technologies Used, Which HR Metrics to measure them.

  • Introduction to HRM, Objectives of HRM, Functions of HRM:

✅ Introduction to HR Management, Objectives of HRM (Organizational, Social, Personnel, Functional).

✅ Core Functions of HRM and Strategic HR Management : Aligning organizational strategy with HR Strategy.

  • Payroll, Compensation and Benefits, Statutory Compliance's (India) : Level 1 

    Downloadable E-Book in Resources for this topic as a Ready to Refer quick guide!

✅ Learn important Indian Compensation, Benefits and Payroll concepts practically in Excel as well as theory.

✅ Types of CTC Structures (Fixed, Flexible Benefit Plan FBP) and how to structure CTC with step-by-step details explained on Excel.

✅ Different Payroll Terminologies and concepts, salary heads explained practically as well as theoretically

✅ Gratuity, Leave Encashment and Statutory Bonus Concepts, Calculations and Assignments

✅ Excel Salary Calculation Case Studies (CTC Structuring to Net Salary) on different slabs / ranges of CTC's for practice (based on Videos) for hands-on exposure.

✅ Understanding common Components of Payroll and Compensation Structuring in India to help you understand Offer letters and compensation packages as an HR / Payroll professional.

✅ Labour Laws / Statutory Compliance's (Payroll): Provident Fund (PF), Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) detailed understanding of concepts and calculations in Excel. Professional Tax and Labour Welfare Fund.                                    

  • Your Career Roadmap:-

✅ Roles and Positions available for HR in today’s market across all levels. What role can be most suitable for you and how to decide which area to go ahead.

✅ Your SWOT Analysis. 

✅ Using SWOT ANALYSIS to understand your current level of skills in HR and to plan your future skill acquisition.

✅ Road map for your HR career. Assessing what skills you have and don't.  Helping you Creating a plan to acquire next generation skills in HR.

  • Salary Negotiation with Prospective Employees:-

✅Art of salary negotiations with employees to ensure you don’t lose important candidates.

✅ Crucial conversations/communication techniques to deal with employees during important process "On-boarding" to ensure Employee Retention.

✅ Basic People Management skills for HR during Salary Negotiation and On-boarding through Case-Study explanations.

  • Recruitment:-

✅ Best practices for Online / Virtual Recruitment.

  • Employee Engagement & Employee Onboarding:-

✅ Best practices for Online / Virtual Onboarding of New Employees.

✅ Case Studies on Employee Onboarding. 4 C's of Employee Onboarding and Strategies for Effective Engagement of New Employees.

✅ Complete guide on Employee Onboarding Step By Step Process and Onboarding Checklist.

✅ How to Design a Buddy Program: Framework and Implementation complete guide.

✅ Employee Experience (EX-Design) Design introduction for better engagement.

  • HRM Concepts, Objectives, Functions & Strategic HRM:

✅ Human Resource Management: Objectives : Organizational, Functional, Societal and Personnel Objectives. Supporting functional areas of HRM.

✅ Strategic Human Resource Management: Alignment of Organizational Strategy and Goals with HRM Strategy and Goals.

✅ Functions of HRM: Managerial, Operative and Advisory Functions and core activities under these Functions.

✅ Processes of Management in Organization and role of HRM as an important organizational Process.

  • MS-Excel Basics: Formulas & Functions for HR & Payroll Professionals

✅ MS-Excel Basics. Formulas & Functions for HR & Payroll.

❇️ HR Management / Human Resources Management certification / Payroll Certification / HR Generalism course : Highly experienced trainer : 12+  years of experience in HR, Employee Engagement, Payroll, Compensation and Training Development in India. Enroll  now to unlock the course!

What Will I Get ?

  • To go from Beginner to Expert in Human Resource Management and become proficient in Payroll Management.


  • English Language Understanding capability.
  • HRM Students, Beginners, Mid-Level Professionals with upto 14 years experience, looking forward to upgrade skills and make a rewarding career progression can join.
  • Anyone with a keen interest in learning Human Resources function can join.
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