How to Write a Book and Become a REAL Best Selling Author

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Ever dream of becoming a Best Selling Author? Have your books read around the world? Make money in your sleep? You're in the right place. There has never been a better time in history to write a book than RIGHT NOW. Most people don't become authors because they either don't believe they're capable or they don't know how to spread their message. This is where the game has changed. Why? It starts with understanding that Amazon is the new Google. They're going to do close to $100 Billion (yes, BILLION) in revenue this year. Where they differ from Google is that they make their money when your book SELLS (not through advertising). To do this, they will spread your message FOR YOU…for FREE…and drive massive amounts of traffic to your book. All you need to do is create the book and follow the Passion 2 Published formula so people can BUY it. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? It is! The Passion 2 Published course is simple - it's the step-by-step process of creating, publishing and monetizing your book in multiple formats: as an eBook, Print Book and Audiobook. People consume information differently these days, and the more formats you offer your book in, the more royalties are put in your pocket. I walk you through how to publish your eBook on Amazon, your Print Book on Amazon and CreateSpace, and your Audiobook on ACX (which distributes to Amazon, Audible and iTunes). I've never seen a course this comprehensive. But let's both get on the same page right off the bat - this course is about writing a REAL book that will circulate around the world, earning you passive royalties and building you a sustainable brand that will stand the test of time. I'm not talking about a 30-page glorified handbook that you'd be embarrassed to show your friends. I also won't BS you with unrealistic amounts of money you're going to make from your book. Will you make money? YES. I guarantee it. But whether you make $1,000/year or $10,000+/year depends on how well you follow the steps in this course. Still, ask any prolific author and they will tell you the REAL money you make is NOT from your book. Your book is simply the launching pad to MUCH great opportunities. Trust me, I've eaten plenty of ramen noodles in my day and no one appreciates the value of a dollar more than me, but the royalties you make from your book will be peanuts compared to what you can potentially earn elsewhere. Keep in mind - it costs you NOTHING to publish on these platforms. No hidden costs. No monthly hosting fees. No mandatory selling requirements. All you do is login to your accounts (which I show you in the course) to check your royalties and see how many people, around the world, have purchased your book. It's a pretty cool feeling:-) The Passion 2 Published curriculum is video training, either with me speaking direct-to-camera (like the intro video) or doing screencasts so I can show you how to create your book, format it, upload it online, maximize your royalty structure, etc. There are also plenty of downloads for brainstorming the framework of your book, checklists as you progress through the program and free social media sites for promoting your book (to name a few). How long will it take you to complete this course? Like anything in life, it depends on your motivation. I've seen people do it in as short as 7 days. Realistically, you should expect to have a QUALITY book created and selling online, in multiple formats, in 30 days. 60 days would be the high end. 90 days at the absolute maximum. Just take action and follow along with what I'm teaching. YOU CAN DO THIS! This course is covered by Udemy's unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. I will also give you my personal guarantee - I cannot do the work for you but if you step, I step. I will ALWAYS meet you halfway. If you need clarification or help, ask me. That's what I'm here for. I genuinely want to empower more people to step up in the world, spread their message, build a lucrative business and have a helluva good time doing it. I'm hoping you choose to invest in this course. I believe it will change your life. Best, - Scott Creator, Passion 2 Published




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