How to use VestaCP, CyberPanel, Hestia to Run Multiple Sites

Course description
This course will show you how to setup and run Multiple Websites on your VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server). I will be using Vultr as the VPS. I will also use Contabo in the HestiaCP section. By the end of this course you will be able to run multiple, PHP, HTML, CSS, JS websites on your server.  You will be able to create multiple domains and sub-domains while using Cloudflare for your DNS. Full disclosure, I am using a Windows computer, hence throughout the setup process , I will be using Putty on a Windows PC.  You can still follow along via Terminal on Mac or Linux. In the HestiaCP section I used Git Bash which is just like using Terminal, so following along will be easy regardless of your platform. Update: I have added videos for Linux and Mac Users. You can follow along using terminal. I have added videos for setting up Centos 8 and installing Cyberpanel. I have added a new section for HestiaCP. I would highly encourage you to use HestiaCP instead of VestaCPThe ultimate goal of this VPS course is to enable you run, multiple sites on a VPS account. The skills learned here are transferable to other VPS providers. In the course we'll use  Vultr and Conatbo (HestiaCP section). Note that I may still add more videos in this course to update it with new panels. I will keep adding the videos in case of any updates or changes in the Web server setup. Join this course now, and start watching it today. Feel free to join the course without hesitation.




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