How to Manage a Large IT Project

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With over 6 hours of content, this is the most comprehensive course on how to manage a large IT Project with a global impact and high visibility.  Gain knowledge on how to manage a large project - from the time you're assigned to the project until when you close out the project.  Information gathered is from specific past job experience - this is not a theory course but a course to teach you specific step-by-step procedures to manage your project. Gain real-world knowledge of managing a large project as we work through a sample project with real implications.  The sample project deals with leveraging a software development vendor to build our organization's new PMO application on the web. Know what to do when you're assigned to a large project.  Sometimes, Project Managers are confused as to what to work on first when given such a large project.  This course helps to clarify what to do during a large implementation leveraging a sample project. Bonuses - Lectures throughout the course have resources that you can download and leverage in your own professional setting as a Project Manager.  How long will it take?With over 55 lectures and over 6 hours of content, if you budget just 30 minutes a day, you can complete this course in approximately 3 weeks.  Is it for me?This course is for you if you want to learn step-by-step how to manage a large IT project.  This is especially true if you've only managed small projects, new to IT Project Management, or are assigned to project impossible.  Remember, this is not a theory course but a course to mimic as if you were managing a real-world project.  The skills you learn here can be applied to real-world projects. What if I don't understand a topic?As you move through the course, I will provide prompts where you can reach out to me with questions or feedback.  I will PERSONALLY get back to you to answer any questions you may have.  What you'll learnMake sense of what to work on first despite many competing priorities assigned to you.  Step-by-step estimation skills to prepare your budget for project expenses such as internal resources, contractors, hardware, software, and business travel.  Also, how to put together the Statement of Work (SOW). Step-by-step instructions on how to set up your initial project budget based on estimated expenses. How not to overlook critical components of a project such as systems integration testing or performance testing. How to set expectations with your project team as to the governance of the project.  Also, you will understand how to hold teammates accountable for the work they do on the project. We will review the project schedule for the sample project at each phase of the project (Initiation, Design, Development, etc).  Here, we will understand how the different milestones are scheduled and why. Understand the change control process so that you may make changes to your project budget whether you're over or under budget.  Also, learn step-by-step how to re-forecast once your change control is approved. How to financially close out your project and give any unused funds back to the organization so that it may leverage this to fund other projects. Who this course is for: Anyone who wants to transition from their current job role to a career in project/program management. Project Managers who've only managed small projects in their career.    Anyone new to the Project Management profession who wants to understand how to manage a large project.  The accidental project or program manager. A person assigned to project impossible or a project due yesterday.




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