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Have you always wanted to know how to make a game and publish on the App Store, but feel completely lost when it comes to coding? Do you have plenty of ideas on how to make a game app which is attractive and addictive? Do you want to know how to make a puzzle game app, but you don't know how to do it? Well, lucky you! This course is your savior and will teach you how to make an iOS game from scratch and even how to earn some money from it. Let your imagination work for you. Become an iOS game dev leaving the annoying coding stuff for this course to deal with. Let’s begin your journey of creating engaging and addictive games and how to publish them.

Create Divine Design

The games with the best stories are nothing without some neat and attractive design and coloring. However, designing it would be a huge trouble if you don't even know how to make a game app. But don't worry, a whole game source code will be included in the course for you to use. Usually, it costs hundreds of dollars and takes some time to write, so you have an exclusive opportunity to learn how to make a puzzle game app without writing the code. But that is not all! You'll also be provided with advertising banners, which means that you would be able to make a passive income from it. You will learn how to modify your game's structure, how to add elements to it, how to design it, and much more!

By the end of this course, you will learn how the main game graphics work and how to apply them to the game. You'll not only know how to make a puzzle game app, but you will see how to change theme colors, as well as other screen colors, all by yourself. You will be able to modify home screen images and screens for iPads. Anything from editing words to launching images will be at your control. You'll master the iOS game development with this course in less than two hours, which means you'll know how to make a game and publish it on the App Store to earn from it!

Master Game Developing with No Skill

The course instructor will teach you how to create an app icon and how to resize it. Also, you will understand how to take gameplay and iPad screenshots. Everything from updating contact information and adding local notification messages, to social media integration will be in your hands - feel free to modify and do your own thing. So, if you feel eager to build and publish a game, but have no confidence to do so, this course is an excellent option to begin the game developing journey. After finishing the course, you'll know how to make a puzzle game app, let alone you'll also master iOS game development and publishing quickly and with no stress at all.

With such knowledge, you will surely be able to gain some passive income through your published games. Not only you'll know how to design and modify the game you made, but you also will become desired in the market, which means that you can even get a job in game development section! However, for that, you might need some additional knowledge. But you're just beginning to learn how to make an iOS game, so try this course first and then you'll be able to challenge yourself even more. You must learn the fundamentals of iOS game development to become the professional later on.

So, what are you waiting for? Complete the course and learn how to make a puzzle game app! Find all the required source code for a iOS game dev inside and master design principles to create games not only now, but in the future as well. Enroll now!

Meet your instructors:

  • Yohann Taieb photoYohann Taieb
    Apps/Games Developer
    Yohann Taieb is an expert in mobile game programming, reskinning and app flipping. He has more than 10 years of experience working as an instructor in college, where he taught Apple Watch Development, iOS11, iPhone Development, Swift 3, Photoshop for programmers, Unity 3D, Pixel Art, and Android. Yohann received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from FIU University. Throughout his career, he’s made more than 100 mobile games and apps that you can find in the Apple App Store and the Android Store. Such expertise allows him to teach people how to make apps. Yohann Taieb has helped more than 50k students to publish their apps and reach the top spots. On BitDegree, learning from this instructor, you can get a clear understanding of game development. Yohann Taieb will teach you how to use Unity from the ground up. Under his guidance, anyone will be able to learn how to make a game with ease. Choose the best Yohann Taieb courses and expand your knowledge in no time!




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