Making a 2D Top Down Pixel Art RPG in Godot

Category:Pixel Art
Duration3h 53m 29s
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Course description

In this course we are going to be building out a classic style 2D RPG in the Godot engine with a top down perspective. The focus is on learning basic Godot concepts and related tools like Tiled which we can use to build out our game with playable game maps, level transitions, and movable - collidable game objects with kinematic physics from Godot. Having some programming knowledge will help to understand the core concepts. Whenever we approach a code piece, we'll go line by line in explaining and understanding what's going on under the hood. Some of the advantages of working with the Godot engine include that the engine is totally free and testing your game written in gdscript is very fast since it doesn't need to compile on every run. Gdscript is a python like language specific to Godot. This course was started with version 3.3.4 of Godot so I recommend using that version or above. The current 3.4 version seems to work good too.

Here's just some of the things you can expect to learn from this course!

  • Basics of Godot like understanding scenes, setting up your player input keys, and resizing the game window
  • Controlling animation state machine to pick movement animations and directions for your player
  • Adding in game objects and handling basic collisions
  • Setting up different animations for your player character based on sprite sheets
  • Basics of state machines and the idea of changing between different modes for your characters
  • Utilizing a follow camera to follow your player wherever it goes but staying within the limits of your game maps
  • Build 2D RPG levels with collisions, layer sorting, and level transitions
  • Use Tiled and Tiled to Godot Exporter to improve your level building process
  • Create a working 2D character controller with a follow camera
  • Spawn characters into your levels on the fly
  • More content to come in the near future
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