How to get an IT Job- 4 essential skills that Employers seek

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Maybe working in that plush cool IT Job was your dream. Learn about the most important 4 skills that companies look for, in a candidate. (in 2020 and Beyond)These 4 skills are:1) Tech Skills2) Domain Skills3) Soft Skills4) Process SkillsIf you are not just knowledgeable, but wise and practical about these skills, you stand a good chance of getting an exceptional IT Job. No need to be afraid of things like - 'I don't have it in me'. All these skills are learnable and not born with. We lift the covers off these skills and get you involved in a tour of what and how these skills are acquired. In this course, you will get yourself acquainted with the following details1) Tech Skills (Java, Python, JavaScript)2) Domain Skills (Banking, Healthcare, Retail)3) Soft Skills (Attitude, Creativity, Communication)4) Process Skills (Agile, Scrum and Kanban, CMM and ISO)As you can see that the topics covered are a slice of what is out there, but nevertheless we have covered the important ones. Once you go through the course, you will have a good understanding of what is missing in your skillset and how to align yourself to learn the new skills that are very much in line with what companies seek. To acquaint yourself further, there are 52 resources attached along with this course. Do go through them to expand your understanding of these topics. Note that the course will give you a fair overview and can be a stepping stone towards your IT career. All the best in getting that dream job.




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