How to Draw Cute Cartoon Chibi Characters

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LET'S REVEAL THE ULTIMATE TECHNIQUE OF DRAWING CUTE CARTOON CHIBI CHARACTERS IN AN INSTANT!     Hi, I'm Eckyo. I've been in Illustration Industry since 2002. Teaching is my passion, I share techniques about how I create my Illustrations, especially the chibi or cute cartoon style. And I'm currently a lecturer in an University which have been teaching tons of students to reach their passion in the illustrations industryTHIS IS A LIFETIME SKILL! Some of you must be wondering what is Chibi and what the difference of it and cartoon style. Chibi is another word for cute and short. So we will learn how to make character that meet those requirements. This kind of style are very popular among the people, not only for little children, adults love it too! and this kind of drawing can be used for anything. The possibilities are very huge and it's very fun to learn it. ANYONE CAN LEARN IT! Whether you are a new artist or even the professional ones, this course is suitable for anyone. With the reasonable price, you can master and learn more to make chibi cartoon character in an instant.  What a nice gain, right?At completion you'll receive a Udemy Certification of Completion and it's 30 days guaranteed! And also, you can contact me and ask me questions.  You can find it all in How to draw cute cartoon chibi characters course. I will show you how to create a very cute design character. LET'S START!




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