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Estonia is the ONLY country in the world that has been offering an Estonian e-citizen card since 2015 and this card is your e-passport to get started in your business. You can be e-resident in Estonia! without movingYou can create your European business in Estonia! without movingYou can create your bank account(s) without movingAlready +50 000 E-Estonians currently in the world (from 150 countries) and the government targets 10 million e-Estonians in 2025! I will guide you step by step in each section and session while reminding you that you can do everything remotely: You'll have the Estonian E-residency, officially start your European business, get a/many multicurrency business bank account(s), get a business Paypal and enjoy infinity of important services without having to physically be in Estonia. You do not need to visit Estonia to do business in Europe! It's like a quantum leap into a new E-world. You will know how to easily get your Estonian & European E-residencyBecoming e-resident and e-citizen in Estonia in E-estonia (e-citizenship)Launch and officially start your European business. Start your European business remotelyObtain one or more bank account (s) + Multi-currencies, Get your PayPal Business Unlimited! Benefit from several other high-value services without going to EstoniaGet For Free as a GIFT the  E-BOOK: HOW TO BECOME E-RESIDENT IN ESTONIA AND OPEN YOUR EUROPEAN COMPANY REMOTELYYou will get to discover how to get the most out of this E-world: the necessary tools to develop and manage your online activity and I will also share my unpublished tips. After reading this book's sections, you'll definitely realize that it's much easier than what most people think. But mostly, your everyday life is going to become happier, more joyful because so did mine after discovering this digital Estonian world. How to open a Company in Europe remotelyHow to get your Estonian e-residency remotely! How to open a European business Bank Account remotelyYes everything is done remotely, you can have an Estonian electronic residence without going to Estonia! (Estonia is in the European Economic Area and Euro Zone too)I have more than 19 years of experience in Digital and this MAGIC world of E-business and I will share with you all the details and recipes to have your special Estonian card, open your business and get bank accounts in Euro (€, $ , £, ¥) Everything is inspired by my experience E-lived in E-Estonia and 100% tested with the Estonian e-residence card that allows you to manage everything from the Internet: You do not need to visit Estonia to do business in Europe! It's like a quantum leap into a new E-world. You will also receive as a gift for free at the end of this course, the famous E-Book complete of How to Become E-Resident of Estonia and Create your European Business remotly , a detailed E-book from A to Z of 127  pages with illustrations and useful links for your activity. No matter who you are, or where you're from, Whether you're from Africa, Europe, Asia, in the Antarctic or even in planet Mars and no matter what country you're from! Remember what Einstien said: "We don't discover the world, we create it". Create your own world with the my E-world tools!




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