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Introducing... Increase Profits With  - Google Analytics For Beginners: Fast Track Training 2020Dear Friend, What if you can boost your sales conversions and profits within just a matter of days from now?Will you be interested to get it done if I show you exactly how I've been doing it for several years now?Yes? If so, then listen up…In two words: Google Analytics. Heard about it?I'm sure you did. But do you know how to use this to track and boost your sales conversions?Google Analytic is the best tracking platform you'll ever need in your business. There's nothing like it on the market. I've searched for years for an alternate system but nothing came close it. For me it's the best. Track. Measure. Improve. Profit. Google Analytics helps you track your website traffic and measure your return on investment. It stores all the figures and statistics you need to understand which of the areas in your marketing you need to improve. You can then develop an action plan on how to increase your profits and also know which products are more profitable and appealing to your market. The beauty of this platform is that you just need to set up some parameters and then install some codes inside your website and then it handles the rest. You don't need to worry about anything else. Reporting At Its BestDo you want to have a quick look at some statistics within a time frame?No problem. Just click a few buttons and a report is generate. Or may be you want to know who are those people coming to your website on a specific day?Or may be you want to know how many people are viewing a specific page on your website right now?Google Analytics reveals everything to you. It's like a SPY agent installed on your website. How cool is that?Why You Need To Get Started Now: Real-Time Visitor Tracking. You can see who is visiting your website in real time and what they are doing there. Automated Data Collection. Once it's set up, you never have to touch it back. Customizable Reports. Search, select and generate reports on almost anything you want. Customers Demographic. Understand your customers better and where do they come from. It's Free. The best tracking service is free. No fee to use it. And the list goes on and on. Using Google Analytics effectively in your business helps you increase profits and that is why I decided to come up with this unique over the shoulder video series to get you started very quickly with it.-------------------------Course Description And Overview: Most people do not know how to get started with all the puzzling functions of Google Analytics today. With this Fast Track Training course designed to take you through the Beginner's level, you will be up and running in no time using Google Analytics with confidence. Google Analytics For Beginners: Fast Track Training 2020 is a straight to the point, step by step training course to get you started immediately. See the course subjects below: Google Analytics For Beginners: Fast Track Training 2020Section 1: Course Overview1 - OverviewSection 2: Navigation & Accounts Creation2 - Navigation And Admin3 - Creating a New Google Analytics Account4 - Website Account CreationSection 3: Connecting To Websites5 - Connecting To WordPress Websites6 - Connecting To HTML Sites7 - Connecting To Custom Page and Site BuildersSection 4: Setting Up Various Elements - Part-18 - Setting Up Annotations9 - Setting Up Intelligence Events10 - Setting Up Custom SegmentsSection 5: Setting Up Various Elements - Part-211 - Export Data For Analysis12 - Setting Up Custom Reports13 - Setting Up Google IntegrationsSection 6: Analytics & Reporting & Goals14 - Google Analytics Templates15 - Real Time Reporting16 - Setting Up GoalsSection 7: Integrations17 - Third Party Integrations18 - Audience Menu Overview19 - Interests and GeographySection 8: Conclusion20 - Conclusion---------------------




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