Getting Started in Privacy: 7 Benefits for Business

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Getting Started in Privacy: 7 Benefits for Business is a fundamental course on data privacy awareness to enhance business effectiveness and reclaim your peace of mind in the age of digital business. This course will provide you with the mindset to improve business resilience, agility, and organization practices for strategic advantage through data privacy. Personal privacy is as old as personal possessions, and specific data protection laws at least the 1973 Data Act. 128 out of 194 UN countries have some legislation regarding personal information and data privacy. Over 130 jurisdictions have some data privacy laws as of January 2021. Phishing, ransomware, and other hazards increase daily. Social and business activities take place online. Just-in-time production, lean six sigma manufacturing, transaction based supply chain management, and automation of industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things to reduce waste and improve efficiency require a global supply chain. 80% of businesses are at least partially paperless for document handling and storage, saving on paper, ink, toner, postage, parts and maintenance. All types of businesses, as well as governmental and non-profit organizations, collect, aggregate, analyze and leverage personal information. As a business leader you need to make informed and ethical decisions about how to use, access, and share data. A leader who understands the company's operational flow, provides strong guidance, manages expectations, and encourages communication and collaboration will have the greatest impact.




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