Get ready for a Masters in Data Science and AI

Level:All Levels
Category:Data Science
InstructorMark Johnston
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Get a taste of life as a Data Science and AI Master's student

On this course, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the disciplines involved in a Master’s degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

You’ll be asked to work through the fundamentals of coding in Python, and be encouraged to discover other important elements of the field, like mathematics, statistics, and data science thinking.

You’ll be asked to produce your own piece of data science output, get introduced to data ethics, and be taught about the work of data scientists.

This course should help you to assess your understanding of data science and the surrounding topics and should help you to make an informed decision around choosing a Master’s in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Usually courses are 6 hours per week. Based on the results of your self-assessment we advise you to choose the content most appropriate for you. But you are also welcome to complete the whole course which would be a total of 20 hours.

Meet your instructors:
Mark Johnston photo
Mark Johnston
Mark is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics at Coventry University in the UK.
Paul Matthews photo
Paul Matthews
Paul is Senior Lecturer in Information and Data Science in the Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies at UWE Bristol in the UK.
William Sayers photo
William Sayers
Senior lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire. Researcher in artificial intelligence techniques applied to optimisation problems, and an interest in Data Science, AI & optimisation.
James Davenport photo
James Davenport
Professor of Information Technology at the University of Bath, in both Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science. Is on ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42/WG 3: Trustworthiness of Artificial Intelligence.
Daniel McCluskey photo
Daniel McCluskey
Daniel is a Research Assistant for the Creative Computing school at the University of Gloucestershire, where he writes course material for Artificial Intelligence and Programming courses.
Michael Tautschnig photo
Michael Tautschnig
Michael is a Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, UK and Senior Security Engineer at Amazon Web Services. In his research, Michael focuses on automated software verification.