Generate AI Videos for NFTs and Music NFT Cover Animations

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Ever see some crazy, trippy art and wonder how it was made?Chances are, you were looking at as AI images and videos without knowing it. Maybe you've played around with text-to-image generation, but you probably haven't played with video. While the progress on images has been insane, video still seems elusive, even for AI. In this class, you will make your own AI video with Artbreeder, a free-to-start option with quality images coming from a full breeding system using database of images that users create. Breeding images makes for incredible video, all released under the cc0 license. You'll feel like Picasso using this tool. And the best part is, you put your energy into it with your selection, and can blend still images you upload into your video, making AI a tool for you, not the other way around. Here's what you'll learnUse Artbreeder to generate AI videosExplore the world of image genealogy to perfect AI videosDivine the art of small, beautiful. gifs from any video with gifski Let's get started! Jump into the class, or keep reading for some FAQsSee you soon,- DouglasFAQsWhy can we only use one category at a time?AI works best with a specific algorithm targeting a specific type of images. The calculations on a face are much different than on a building. AI programs separate by type for performance and accuracyWhat else does Artbreeder offer?You can "breed" still images using other images on the site, and upload your own images. Use both in your video. Why do AI generation services usually cost money?AI programs and their organizers such as DALL-E and Artbreeeder need to pay for the vast amount of computing resources it takes to run this software. In addition to processing speed, the ram required to hold all the information needed for the calculations makes AI image generation difficult on most personal computers. We can see that the image we get back. Is this course just on Artbreeder?About 1/3 is about optimizing a. gif using gifski. Learn to make. gif loops out of any video, and manipulate FPS, speed, resolution, and quality to get a manageable file size. How can I make my final product look better?Spend some time at the beginning of any project just hoarding the best images in a particular category, those with aesthetic appeal and a deep genealogy. You will have an easy time filling in the blanks and testing variations when you go to create your videos, and end up with a better productP. S. Although there is a feature to allow you to copy and paste, I have only had success making "hearts" that show up in the starred section.




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