Fundamentals of Plotly JS for Data Visualizations

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Why learn Data Analysis and Data Science?According to SAS, the five reasons are1. Gain problem solving skillsThe ability to think analytically and approach problems in the right way is a skill that is very useful in the professional world and everyday life. 2. High demandData Analysts and Data Scientists are valuable. With a looming skill shortage as more and more businesses and sectors work on data, the value is going to increase. 3. Analytics is everywhereData is everywhere. All company has data and need to get insights from the data. Many organizations want to capitalize on data to improve their processes. It's a hugely exciting time to start a career in analytics.4. It's only becoming more importantWith the abundance of data available for all of us today, the opportunity to find and get insights from data for companies to make decisions has never been greater. The value of data analysts will go up, creating even better job opportunities. 5. A range of related skillsThe great thing about being an analyst is that the field encompasses many fields such as computer science, business, and maths.  Data analysts and Data Scientists also need to know how to communicate complex information to those without expertise. The Internet of Things is Data Science + Engineering. By learning data science, you can also go into the Internet of Things and Smart Cities. This is the bite-size course to learn Plotly JS for Data Visualizations. You will learn Plotly very fast and You will create your own dashboards very soon after learning the course. This course uses HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap, and CSS. Hence, you can learn HTML with our Learn HTML Basics Fast Course, learn Javascript with our Learn Javascript Basics Fast Course, learn Bootstrap with our Learn Bootstrap Basics Fast Course, and learn CSS with Learn CSS Basics Fast Course. You can come into Learn HTML Basics FastLearn CSS Basics FastLearn JavaScript Basics FastLearn Bootstrap Basics FastFundamental of Plotly JS for Data Visualizationto get the SVBook Advanced Certificate in Data Visualization and Front-End Web DevelopmentSVBook Advanced Certificate in Data Visualization and Front End Web Development are given to people who have completed the following courses:- Learn HTML Basics Fast- Learn CSS Basics Fast- Learn Javascript Basics Fast- Learn Bootstrap Basics Fast- Fundamentals of Plotly JS for Data Visualizationand passed a 50 questions Exam. The six courses are created to help learners understand Web Design basics. Learners will be able to create Interactive Data Visualization using Front End Web Design and Development. ContentInstall Text EditorEmbed Plotly JS in HTMLPlot Our First ChartPlot ScatterplotPlot Bubble PlotPlot Line ChartsPlot Filled Area PlotsPlot Bar ChartPlot Horizontal Bar ChartPlot Pie ChartPlot HistogramPlot BoxplotCreate DashboardsCreate Dashboards Easily and Efficiently with DSTK Chart Plotter




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