Full Stack Isomorphic JavaScript with Vue.js & Node.js

Course description
Learn to build full-stack isomorphic JavaScript web applications with Vue and Node. js along with the MEVN stack. The MEVN stack is a collection of great tools-MongoDB, Express. js, Vue. js, and Node. js-that provide a strong base for a developer to build easily maintainable web applications. With each of them a JavaScript or JavaScript-based technology, having a shared programming language means it takes less time to develop applications. This course enables you to build, test, and deploy full stack isomorphic applications with Node. js, Express, Vue. js, and MongoDB. You will start by setting up the development environment and grasping some of the essential concepts for building applications. You will then build a single page application using MEVN stack. You will also develop a songs playlist application wherein you will create a new playlist and search through YouTube videos. Next, you will learn to consume data from third-party APIs within your application as well as perform CRUD operations against a locally hosted API using the HTTP client Axios. Finally, you will learn to deploy the applications on the cloud. By the end of this course, you will be able to build your own web and isomorphic applications using MEVN stack. Meet Your Expert(s): We have the best work of the following esteemed author(s) to ensure that your learning journey is smooth: David Acosta is a professional Software Developer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology Management and more than three years' experience in web development. As a developer for CollaborateMD Inc., David develops web-based medical billing and practice management software services for independent practices and hospitals. His work mainly focuses on JavaScript, TypeScript, and Java-based technologies such as Angular 2, Spring, Swing, and JQuery. He also has extensive knowledge of many other libraries and frameworks such as Laravel, React. JS, Vue. js, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, and more. Haider Rehman works as a DevOps and a Software Engineer for a well-known software company and has over 8 years of experience as a developer. He has a Master's degree in Telecom Systems and a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunication; after obtaining these, he switched to programming in IT and telecommunications to get a feel for the industry. Haider enjoys hanging out with friends, music, and coding.




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