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Welcome... Many thanks for your consideration in registering for this course. Freelancing · Monetize Your Passion · The Freelance Path · Create A Primary Or Secondary Revenue Source By Simply Doing What You Love ·  is a relaxed, casual and highly informative way to learn the business of freelance status; living the life you want and yielding the results you seek. As your instructor, with university degrees in economics and finance (Bachelors Degree (BA) in Economics, Masters Degree (MBA) in Finance) coupled with a 40+ year career in business, banking, finance, marketing, corporate relocation, real estate, investments, and a life long career freelancer, you will receive clarity, encouragement, direction and support during  this course to assure you are on track. As you progress through the course, you will have continuous access to me should you seek a bit more clarity, new suggestions or ideas. Becoming a Freelancer is empowering, enriching and seriously soothes the soul; offering you the opportunity to control the portions of your life that you can, while learning how to embrace the areas you cannot, with an entirely new perspective. These are exciting times... The way we work is changing... The challenges we face are constantly evolving... During this course, the knowledge, perspective and creative approach to structuring your freelance business (full or part-time), should give you a slight edge over your competition. And we all know... that's what it takes to succeed... a slight edge... coupled with your unique expertise. Thanks again for joining me... Let's get started…




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