Foundations of Diversity and Inclusion at Work TeachOut

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InstructorGregory Fairchild
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The summer of 2020 has brought issues of equity and race to the forefront of society. How do we create tolerant and just climates at work? Changing the culture of an organization is challenging in the best of circumstances; today, it can seem impossible. Yet, it is more necessary and urgent than ever to address these issues thoughtfully and with effective practices that can produce real change. Six Darden professors have designed this teach-out to bring you the latest scholarship and best practices on diversity, equity and inclusion and organizational change. You'll learn how to identify and counteract inequity in organizations, how to build the business case for diversity and inclusion, and how managers can constructively address inequity. You'll also learn how to promote the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion at work, how to have difficult conversations, and how to manage and lead change.
Meet your instructors:
Gregory Fairchild photo
Gregory Fairchild
Associate Professor & Associate Dean
Martin N. Davidson photo
Martin N. Davidson
Professor, Senior Associate Dean, and Global Chief Diversity Officer
Lili Powell photo
Lili Powell
Associate Professor
Toni Irving photo
Toni Irving
Professor of Practice
Sean Martin photo
Sean Martin
Associate Professor
Laura Morgan Roberts photo
Laura Morgan Roberts
Professor of Practice