Filthy Marketing Manifesto - Pitch Irresistible Offers

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We start with ZERO knowledge about how to succeed online. The truth is that you can easily learn how to succeed online. when you discover the 4 Secret Hacks used by the most successful marketers online. If you want to sell more of your stuff- whatever you sell (it doesn't matter) - this course is for you. These 4 Secret Things must be done in the correct order! But when you do so, you can create a frenzy of customers whether you are selling personal coaching, affiliate marketing or online education products like courses. Online Marketing is entering into a BOOM! Learn these 4 Hacks To Online Success before it is TOO LATE✔ FACT - Using the 4 Filthy Marketing Techniques = Equals MORE happiness, MORE money and MORE freedom ✔ FACT - Not Knowing the 4 Filthy Marketing Techniques = Equals a pattern of failure and dying like a penniless loser (harsh but true!)✔ Using The 4 Filthy Marketing Hacks is the Most Profitable & EASIEST Thing You Can Ever Do OnlineThis course teaches no fluff fast results stuff that gets traction fast. This is about getting sales TODAY, not in 6 months. If you have tried to do online marketing before and FAILED. This is the course is for you. If you are just looking to make more sales in whatever industry you are in, then this is the course for you. THE CRUX OF THIS - If you want to start making serious money, have more vacations each year and more freedom to do whatever you want, this course is for you... especially so if you are currently struggling with your online marketing. Includes✔ Filthy OffersPeople pretend they hate being sold stuff…. if that was true why are they always buying stuff? People love being sold and they love buying. What people don't like is being sold poorly. They dread being pressured and they dread buying things that they actually don't want. Unfortunately most marketers really do not know what they are doing, so many sales experiences are very unpleasant for the buyer. Learn How To Pitch Filthy Offers That Are Completely Irresistible To ProspectsIncludes✔ Itchy SizzleThe Easy 3 Punch Combo That Attracts & Converts Prospects Effortlessly. A condensed representation of our offer. It must be unique and brief but meaningful, in terms of what it conveys about our offer. Most importantly, it must create CURIOSITY or an ITCH that can only be scratched by the prospect thinking, "I must know more!"IncludesIncludes✔ Filthy ClosesFace it, sometimes you will be talking to prospects, whether it is via chat or over the phone. Discover the effortless closing techniques that remove doubts and close the deal, without sounding sleazy. Learn Why Being Hated Can Make You More Money.... Whhhaaaaaaat??????How becoming more opinionated will cause people to flock to you in droves... Plus many other ninja marketing hacks which will change your life




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