Exterior 3D Rendering with 3ds Max + Corona 3, Fastest Way!

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About This Course: When I first decided to made this course, I designed it to bring fast learning to basic 3ds Max users, SketchUp users, and complete newcomers to 3d rendering alike. There are not a lot of tutorials out there on the internet, that teach the Method of the PROs for learning to Model and Render houses and architectural structures from zero, professionaly. So, I created this course, and designed it to not teach you 3ds max as a generalist, but more with a concentrated focus on Architectural Modeling, fast modeling techniques, understanding a Workflow and establishing a Method to model ANY architectural structure, from zero, with just 2D Plans. Also the new Corona 3.0 rendering engine has started to gain more and more users in 2018, due to its simplicity and fast ability to produce photorealistic images EASILY, to some point beating V-Ray's complexity in producing the same results.  That's why I decided to make this course to make you a Corona PRO in 5 hours. ORIGINAL COURSEteaches 3ds Max and Corona from the very beginning, with a focus on architectural modeling + super-fast Rendering. starts a project from zero, all the way to the end. show the exact workflow that I use daily as a 3d architectural renderings firm owner and professional 3d artist. learn my UI setup, shortcuts, etc (all downloadable for your use)get to download entire 3ds Max files complete with textures, at different points in the modeling process, ready to render. uses 3ds Max 2014 and above, so as long as you have any version after that, you should be able to follow without problems. contains 4+ hours of on-demand video from start to finish. if you are an intermediate user, select your topic and start learning at your own level, from beginner to advanced. INCLUDED CONTENTmy course fills in the gaps of the latest software features, and I'm constantly updating and filling you in with new features and methods to work and render faster. more advanced techniques (i. e. HDRI lighting, direct sunlight, skylight, etc)more advanced and complex projects, I teach you to model any architectural structure in 3d. currently (4) additional projects to follow along with, including an advanced exterior with completely different dramatic lighting setups. super high production quality 1080p videos.(20) 3d people objects, photorealistic quality, INCLUDED in the course. These can also be found online in public domain.(4) 3d cars included INCLUDED in the course. These can also be found on the internet royalty-free but I have included them for you here. new projects coming soonAbout 3ds Max and Corona 3.0: Knowing how to use these two applications together is an invaluable skill in the 3d industry. I taught myself how to use these programs since 2005 when I was asked to produce an architectural rendering at a graphic design studio, and now I get paid extremely well for my expertise in the field. I delivery 3d renderings and animations, 3d floorplans, Siteplan visualizations, to architects and large developers throughout the USA. 3d is not just my hobby, it is also how I support my family and bought my luxury 2-story apartment, two BMWs, 1 SUV. I have worked hard for this and have delivered all my hard years of work and expertise, poured into this course with the fastest most efficient methods for you to learn. I can teach you, and you can start a career in 3d as well. Everything you need to get started is in this course, from the free software demos and the Complete Scene Files I provide, you will have everything you need to jump-start your career. You just need a computer with Windows 64-bit, and the desire to learn 3d.  By the end you will be able to read 2d AutoCAD drawings, import them to 3ds Max, align floorplans, roof plans and elevations, model ANY building in 3d including any architectural details such as arches and splines, chamfering, and filling up your portfolio with polished work. Remember, you do not typically need formal training to get a job in 3D, or to start your own renderings studio. No degrees are required, just a solid skillset and fast work method, and a solid work ethic. What it takes is an awesome portfolio, so let's get started on yours today. Some Questions to Ask Yourself: Are you currently in a job you don't enjoy? Jobs in 3d are seriously fun and rewarding!  Once you get experience they will be fun AND rewarding. Are you an architecture student who needs to learn the latest software QUICK, to present your designs properly? To stand out from the others? This course can get you up and running QUICK!, with the latest versions of Corona. Plus, you'll learn it the right way, from a pro. Also I teach you the FASTEST render settings so you don't have to wait hours for a render, but just minutes. Are you a SketchUp user who wants to migrate into a more robust modeling solution like 3ds Max, and are ready to take your 3d skills to the next level? SketchUp is good at what it does, but it simply cannot produce photorealistic images. It cannot model and scatter Millions of realistic grass blades, either. I teach you how to do all this with 3ds Max + Corona. What about the Forest Pack plug-in? Forget about needing to buy that one, since Corona has built-in tools to scatter proxy objects, which I also teach you in this course.  Also, you can take your SketchUp file, then learn to import it into 3ds Max and render with Corona, the most efficient rendering engine for architecture, more efficient than V-Ray at producing realistic results, easier, faster. Are you a practicing architect that needs a better way to portray your designs to clients? If so you've come to the right place. I am an expert at just that an do it for a living. Course Structure (Original 4+hrs of instruction)For beginners that have a basic understanding of the 3ds Max Interface (basic scene navigation, object manipulation, rotation, etc). I show you how to get the software as a free trial. I teach you how to custimze your UI with efficient shortcuts to optimize often-used tasks. You can skip all of this if you are more experienced. Next we will start with the actual modeling of 2D to 3D from AutoCAD plans (AutoCAD knowledge NOT required!). I will show you different modeling techniques, and we will begin to work on modeling a real-world house. Again, all files are provided, even at different stages of the 3d modeling process. At the same time as we are modeling, I start to teach you the basics of Corona materials, and cameras, so that you learn how to properly frame a shot based on building shape, start mapping your objects as you model them (save time!). Then will go into Corona in-depth settings and start playing with lighting, materials, cameras, render settings, how to optimize your render times, etc. Finally, we will learn how to improve our final images with Photoshop. I give some great post-processing workflows in this course, using masks, blurring, color balance, hue saturation, selective color range, and most importantly, I teach you the method of thinking when you approach an architectural rendering in Photoshop. By the end you will be able to create architectural renderings on your own with a completely professional setup and workflow. Then it is your turn to start practicing your skills, creating stunning work, building a portfolio and landing a job or starting your own renderings company by selling your services online. AFTER THE INITIAL PROJECT - once you have completed your first project, I also provide another bonus video on how to change the Lighting from Day to Cloudy sunset mood, all within Corona, then take it into Photoshop. This way you will be able to provide truly stunning images to your clients / job. How Will you Benefit from This Course ? If you are a beginner, this course will start slowly, guiding you step by step on how to draw walls, then windows, then roofs, then architectural details such as soffits and complex details. I teach you my workflow, avoiding other unnecesary 3ds Max features, and we will take all the steps necessary for you to model in 3d from scratch, and edit your mistakes as well. If you are at an Intermediate level, you can jump straight to the content you want, from advanced modeling to landscaping and complex grass scattering, and rendering hundreds of millions of polygons efficiently to HDRI Lighting combined with other lighting methods in Corona 3. If you are an Experienced user, take this course to polish your Corona skills to the latest version, and find out how to cut your render-times to a factor of up to 5X less. That's right, five times faster. Also you can streamline your workflow with my proven method. I show all my tips and tricks that I use every day to produce arch viz projects fast and on budget. You could be producing arch viz renderings from start to finish in as little as 2 to 3 days for your clients/job. There is no need to sacrifice quality and creativity if you acquire the proper workflow which I teach you and know where to find the proper resources for every job, which I also teach you at the end. Ready To Start? What are you waiting for? If you're still not sure, check out my preview videos. Also check out my company, The Render Cafe, which I have owned and operated since 2007.  Also, check out my profile to the left and see some of my portfolio renderings. Cool, right? Want to make some of your own images look this good? Let's get started, at your own pace, then take the skills I teach you and practice. OR just take my base scenes and bring your 3d models from SketchUp / another program and drop them into my scenes for PERFECT Lighting and Landscaping ready, every time! Remember, I provide ALL the files and download links that you need for everything. There are no missing textures or proxy objects, everything is there, PLUS : + You get (20) photorealistic 3D-People to use in your own scenes!  + (3) photorealistic high-poly Car Models+ (8) foliage items from photo-real Trees to Grasses and Flowers. Come with nothing, leave with TWO finished projects (different skies / mood shots), a set of 3d items to dress up your 3d Exterior scenes, and a great knowledge base. Start your 3d Career Today! PURCHASE THE COURSE.*A 4+ hr training for $49.99 is a pretty good deal. Sure beats a semester at community college:)*30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked! (If you hate it, get a refund)-Charles PerezProfessional 3D Artist CEO and Founder, The Render Cafe




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