Entity Framework core: SQL Data Access with C# &.Net

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Entity Framework Core is the Default Technology in terms of SQL Database access with dotnet core. Almost every project with dotnet core nowadays will use it, so to push your skills, career and future salary you ought to learn this technology. As a dotnet core Developer you cannot move around this technology. This is why I made this course so you can profit from expertise of many years as a freelance developer. Learn in this course everything about the following topics: What is Entity Framework Core all about and why do we need it?What is an ORM (object relational mapper)?Which basic building blocks does EF core consist ofDbContextPOCOsMigrationsChange Trackingand much moreCreate a Database with the Code First ApproachCreate the access code from an existing Database with the Database First ApproachQueries and Commands with the EF core Query APIMigrations: manage the database schemaChangeTracking & PerformanceAlso this course offers lots and lots of source code, extra insights and downloadable contents. It also tests everything you learned in a section with a Quiz as well as an Assignment. All topics are explained with a real world application which is in use to date (yet in a slightly simpliefied version). As Database systems we use the following: SQlite (easier to deliver with downloadable code)PostgreSQL (probably the best open source SQL Database out there)MariaDB (As MySQL fork the probably most used Open Source Database)Additionally there is a Bonus Section with Introduction and Refreshers to the following topics: DockerSQLLINQVS CodeENROLL NOW, make use of my experience and support and put your career on the next step of the ladder. All the bestYour InstructorTimo




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