Engineering Drawing - Simplified & Amplified

InstructorBIZM Consulting Pvt. Ltd
Duration1h 56m 18s
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Course description

Engineering Drawing is the most effective and powerful mode of communicating engineering content for engineers in a consistent and uniform manner. With this in view, this course lays emphasis on introducing real life application of Engineering Drawing beyond the create and Read Objectives of such course, which we undertake as beginners.

This course is not a digitized version of course curriculum, but emphasis is more on select difficult concepts in a visualized environment with industry insights applications use cases. The format of the course is designed to encourage self paced learning using 3D visualized and simulated environment with immersive experience.

The course is logically structured in two distinct parts, the part A primarily is to deal with enhanced understanding of some difficult concepts through immersive visualization format of learning along with real life use cases, whilst Part B is more focused towards application and extension of Engineering Drawing in real life situations in different industries.

Who should take this course:

The design of course is intended for both students who are learning Engineering Drawing as well for those who have undergone the course, however intend to extend their learning to application of the knowledge as relevant to real world in Industries.

Learning outcomes for students:
 Understand complex/important concepts in rich immersive learning format.
 Real life use cases to supplement learning.
 Understand extended scope of Engineering Drawings as applied in Industries, from Drawing to Design Engineering.
 Appreciation of few select Best Practices and Methodologies as applicable in Industries.

 Learn at your pace.
 Visualized format of learning supports retention
 Industry aligned learning approach and Knowledge to Ability re defined.
 Lower turnaround time – higher productivity on

Assessments have been designed in the way, which will make you think how to apply concept to context.

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