DRUPAL 10 & 9 TUTORIAL -Drupal Master Class -9 Projects 2023

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Become a professional with Drupal even with zero knowledge of Drupal 10 AND 9. (2023)Drupal 10 & 9  is out and from now on - every new Drupal website should be using the latest version of this wonderful Content Management Framework. That means that we should learn to change the front-end of our Drupal 10 & 9  system - the way we need it. There are two main things that are changing the game in the Drupal 8 theming- Drupal 9 is built on top of the Symfony framework- There are lessons learned from Drupal 10 AND 9that means that now the theming of a Drupal website is a bit different - everything is much more structured (almost all the markup is in template files), the templates are using Twig and everywhere one has to deal with code - one finds objects and classes. Learning these new unique techniques that I have discovered about Drupal 9, will save you years of try and error. You learn with practical examples and clone of real-life projects  - Drupal 9 Hands-on Tutorial: Clone  Google Search, Netflix, CNN , Outlook, APPLE , DISNEY, TOYOTA , OXFORD, ESPN In the end - it is not as scary as it looks like - simply everything evolved into something much better, much simpler, and elegant, something that is not applicable only in the context of Drupal and that is following general web development best practices. In this course, I tried to explain the general topics in the shortest and the clearest way possible as afterward I tried to illustrate everything with some simple examples. My opinion is that when you see some simple example working and when you try it by yourself - you already have the tools to investigate further and find exactly what you need to be do. I've been doing Drupal development and theming for many years now - so I know exactly are the topics that are needed the most - I tried to include all of those and in the end, I wrapped all that was learned in an example website that we will convert together form a static HTML-CSS version into a working Drupal 9 theme. Let's conquer together with the Drupal 9 theming layer! Do you want to Master the World's Most Popular Content Management Framework? Learn Drupal 9. x in this Comprehensive Course. Learning from my YEARS of experience as it has been condensed into this course - Drupal 10 & 9 Master Class - with generous tips, tricks, best practices, pitfalls - in each and every concept lesson. Learn the LATEST version - Drupal 9. x - - and stay miles AHEAD of the curveBONUS: extra assignments, tips, tricks, and pitfalls in all sectionsStart from the very basics - this course makes no assumptionsEarn promotions with your new skills - Become indispensable in your institutionBONUS - Project File downloads - PRACTICE EXACTLY what is shown in each and every lectureBy the end of the course - you will be able to provide incredible Drupal-based solutions. A review from a learner in my other course: I know the above tag is an oxymoron but then it is. A complete course is detailed to perfection which I did not come across in many courses. Srikanth as a tutor/ trainer is very good. Highly Recommended!!!!! - by Hasib Patel-------Learn DRUPAL 9. x to create INCREDIBLY POWERFUL software web solutions. Learn to Use every aspect of Drupal - Content Management, User Management, User Experience, Extending Drupal with modules, Configurations, Application Structuring, and admin Reports. Identify REAL LIFE problems and solutions - web application development, rapid prototyping, content management. Save Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars - by using open source resources OPTIMALLY, identifying, preventing and mitigating RISKSLearn to Resolve the #1 PROBLEM that Entrepreneurs face by using Drupal - Budgets, Time and Resources De-mystify the 100s of features in Drupal - Content, Structure, Appearance, Extending, Configuration, People, Reports etc.




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